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Autumn 2011

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Santa Catalina Island shouts across the sea to Ellen Jermini, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! On the voyage shown here are Ellen Jermini and Sylvia M Enz.

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Small Talk and Now Talk

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Serendipity - Autumn 2011 Issue

Small Talk and Now Talk

The majority of conversation is small talk. Talk about life's problems. Talk about the world conditions. Talk about gossip. Talk about things, which belittle rather than things, which extol.

I seldom engage in small talk. I choose to find things to praise. As I do this I am living the principle extolled by the University of Healing that tells us to do all of our living and thinking in the:

First Person, Present Tense, Positive—NOW.

True—sharing, talking, thinking primarily from the first person, present tense, positive—now cuts off the majority of our conversations. For in sharing positive thinking we emphasize solutions.

To emphasize this point all I need to do is look at current news stories. Virtually every story relates an unhappy experience. Even sports stories tell of the problems involving sportsmen and the game.

Forthcoming 2012
British Olympics

In July I held a glorious seminar in Owerri, Nigeria, Africa called: Who Is In Charge Of My Inner Genius. In August I was in London in the United Kingdom, conducting a grand seminar entitled Using Meditation To Unlock My Inner Wisdom.

The theme of the lectures in Africa and Great Britain were of one accord, first person, present tense and positive. I suggested how as I make affirmations of positive statements great changes take place subliminally in my thinking—but very definitely and wonderfully.

I was in London and traveled hither and yon throughout the city. I watched as it upgraded from this ancient British citadel to a modern sports network to house the 2012 Olympics. It will not compare to the work done in Beijing, but London's underground will spring from event to event. Great stadiums are created to house the events. Outdoor fields are made garden-like for the Olympic programs. Other cities throughout the London area play host to Olympiads as they give their best for the big show.

Talking about these activities is first person, present tense, positive now. So it is truly a joy hearing what is happening.

The more I train myself to think in the first person, the more I am able to be onepointed and dedicated to be who and what I am. Living in a world of the they and the them places responsibly for what I am doing on others. It is surprising how I am more likely to seekout solutions as I speak in the first person.

As I drove throughout the London area with chauffeur Rev Christy Ugwuegbu at the helm, I observed magic taking place everywhere. Giving us a guided tour, Christy a longtime English resident formerly of Nigeria, was filled with tales of the city and its Olympic development for all her passengers: Herbert L Beierle, Ebube Sam Opara, Chioma Agogbua and Sybil Agogbua.

I paid close attention as Christy spoke noting that since she was speaking of the positive restoration of London, all of her words and phrases were positive, first person and present tense hence the vibrations of the conversation were illuminating and invigorating. All of us looked out of the windows of the car and observed the miracles taking place everywhere.

Training positive thinking is a beneficial activity.

Christy amused me with her work on her master program with the UNI. Everywhere she looked to, she pointed to her nose and said: I like me! Soon we were all pointing to our noses and proclaiming: I like me! With much laughter and gaiety I covered the city and the Olympic sites.

Having An Always
Happy Heart

Being able to have a happy heart all of the time and being able to keep my thoughts pointed to harmonious acts and events, I am in high spirits.

I experienced small talk on a positive stage.

It can be done I proved it myself and I enjoy sharing while keeping every thought conversation first person, present tense and positive. Living NOW becomes a habit when I choose to be on top of all of my thoughts, words and actions. I found I was consciously building positive habits and for me positive living resulted. I found it was not in correcting myself, or others, but rather in thinking a lovely thought and seeing my entire world through MY eyes of love that made everything fall joyfully into focus, into place!

Even thinking positive first person present tense causes me to look at life from a new perspective. No longer can I allow myself the privilege of even thinking limiting thoughts much less speaking them and forbid acting them out. For now I am fully responsible, fully in charge of everything that I think say or do. When I am responsible, life is a lot simpler because I have put the cause in motion for living a thoughtfully harmonious thought-life-world, which is imbued in my being and from which I act and live!


 —Dr Herbert L Beierle