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Winter 2011

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God's Pocket
A New Beginning; Present Remembering

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God's Pocket - Winter 2011 Issue

A New Beginning; Present Remembering

EllenEVERY TIME I look at my life, I see a new beginning. It does not matter what has taken place in the distant, immediate or present past; I see a new beginning.

Every time I turn around if I see what has gone before then I am reminded of what has gone before. I then relive what has gone before and I am tied to it as though it is happening again right now. I experience whatever it was again, especially as the result of my thinking about it.

I ask myself, how can I let go of the past and enter into a new me. How can I let go of the experiences I know so well and settle down to who I think I am now?

My past did not bring me to where I am this moment now. I may think that the past brought me to where I am today however I am not applying what the past was; I am applying what the present is!

Now I feel the sensations of now. Now I live in the awareness of who and what I am, what has gone before is totally forgotten. Only because I do not want to live in the present do I recreate the seeming past to take a place in the present and pretend the past is "born again" in the now. This is the greatest lie I could ever perpetrate upon myself.

I do myself a disservice by past remembering, rather I should present remember! Now this is really something unique: present remember. Any awareness I have must by its definition be a happening of the past. In fact, I am remembering the present and calling it the past whenever I make it a comparison. Any comparison I have is of a past something, a past awareness.

Because my mind lives in the present and knows only the present, there is no past.

As I past remember I am seeking to undo the present, the now, and say that the now is the past and the past is the now and there is nothing other than the past - history, gone by, no longer valid.

Truly, there is only awareness. I am aware of me. I am aware of who I am. I am aware of the world in which I live which I have created and which is constantly changing and whose existence cannot dwell in the past but eternally lives in the present tense now.

It is a great joy to be present remembering. Present remembering, now remembering, defines the life I live, labels the world I am in, identifies who I am in the present tense now.

Constantly upgrading my awareness of who and what I am, I am aware now of me and I am aware of the here and now of the world which I have created and recreate in every now remembering.

New beginning; present remembering!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle