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Winter 2011

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Unconditional Love Is Immortal

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Serendipity - Winter 2011 Issue

Unconditional Love Is Immortal

THE POETS AND musicians of life want to paint the picture of love as immortal and very special. Human love is glorious. Mental love is strong and binding. The love artisians reveal is immortal love, it is unconditional love which stands forth everlasting.

I protest I want unconditionial love and I want to be immortal to enjoy it. It does not work that way. Unconditional love transcends time and space, life and death, greatness or finiteness - unconditional love is the ability to like a being or situation without condition. There is no liking because or since, there is liking inherent in the nature of the experience.

I unconditionally love nature in all of its drama and beauty. I unconditionally love my nativeland, my motherland, my fatherland, my country, it is inherent in me to do this. There is a condition here which I cannot put my finger on but it is my country, my village, my town, my nation, my people! To emigrate to another land for whatever reason, my heart remains sacredly true to the place of my birth and "my" people.

It is interesting that no matter how long I have been separated from my homeland, the place of my birth, the place of my parent’s birth, the place of my grandparent’s, and even to the furthest back it can be found, that is my heritage, that is who I really am and whom I unconditionally love - eternally. There is no escape nor is there a desire to escape from "what my heritage is" to the finest degree. My relationship, because of unconditional love, will not allow me to deny my kinship. My link to the origin of my being stands firm.

I like to think the Bible story of my birth, no matter which religious calling I claim for myself, I "want" to believe that this is the origin of my human life. I recognize that the story of all life arising out of nothingness, the story of man’s animal ancestry "could" be - yet I sincerely believe "I" am more than such a parentage, I am more than an evolved cell or ape or whatever science might describe about me.

I am intelligence. I am indeed my own creator. I am the creator of all that exists. I am allknowledge and out of this allness my thought has brought forth whatever it is that I think about and I think about unconditional love in all. This is not something that I want to be that I wish were true and I contemplate is my reality - it is! For in my awareness I know that all exists, all always was and always will be, all is who and what I am. I know that as I realize this and am aware of this, I am this allness now. It excites me just to contemplate such an expression of the who and what of that I am.

All of this comes out of the awareness that I am unconditional love. As I consider unconditional love I recognize that the "creative cause" which I am, and all is, expresses itself as unconditional love to itself and all its creation.

From this conceptualization the idea of the prodigal son comes into my experience. For the story of the prodigal son is one of who and what I am. I use all freely and unconditionally. All wisdom and all knowledge exist here and now. Intuitively I know that there is no limit to anything. I know that whatever I have and whatever is given to me I unconditionally use. There is no wastefulness. There is no limit to the substance of the universe and there is no condition as to how this substance is to be utilized - unconditionally. Likewise this substance in and of itself has no beginning or end, it is available to me to utilize as I choose.

Should I compare unconditional substance and unconditional love, I would find both are exactly the same. Substance and love are immaterial. I may refute this to myself saying substance has substance and as substance it has a beginning and end. While I would say love is immaterial and has no beginning or end. I ask myself why substance has essence about it, why it has matter, yet this very matter is as illusive as "love" is truly immaterial.

Love has quintessence, principle, substance, life and spirit.

Substance has quintessence, principle, substance, life and spirit.

Every definition describes these two words with the same references. For, indeed, all comes from a common core, essence, being.

I am in the habit of saying I unconditionally love myself and everyone in my world. I unconditionally love all the experiences in life and in the world without reservation. I work with the monks of the Absolute Monastery here in Campo California first loving themselves with unconditional love and then loving all in the world with unconditional love regardless of the circumstances.

This becomes a very difficult situation for to see some of the goings on in the world make it difficult to say, "All is good and very good." It is difficult to look at effects in the world and not judge them as being unbeneficial after any fashion.

As with all in the world each person, each condition, each situation has existence only as I view it, as I judge it, as I observe it! So I say, "All is in divine order now." I say, "I see peace and harmony everywhere." "I am the creator of my world and I create goodness and love at all times."

Nothing has existence unless I give it actuality. For it is only the immaterial substance out of my thought that gives any apparent reality to anything that endures.

The philosophy of the University of Healing and the Absolute Monastery live in the awareness of unconditional love and nonjudgment. It is much easier to say these things than it is to live this principle. For to live this principle means that every thought I have about anyone in the world is good and very good. I always think of the highest and the best about myself and everyone in the universe.

Living unconditional love is exciting and rewarding!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle