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Winter 2011

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Practitioner Letter
The Magic Of A Child’s Heart


Practitioner Letter - Winter 2011 Issue

The Magic Of A Child's Heart

A Visit With
Santa Claus

JAMES FIRMLY TAKES the hand of his son as I watch them stepping out of the car into the darkness. Before us, in the backwoods of the mountains is the little country church and as we walk towards it, the clouds open for a moment and the moon shines a silvery light over our faces. The wind gently ruffles our hair and I see James smiling at his 3 year old son, Martin, exclaiming joyfully, Santa Claus is visiting the church tonight just to see you!

Martin is excited. He does not know who Santa Claus is, but he has heard his older sister Maria talking a lot about him these last few days. Santa brings presents, she told Martin. "Santa must be a very special person," thinks Martin, "to bring me a present even if he does not know me."

Quietly, the lavishly carved wooden portal to the little sanctuary opens. Warm candlelight and a crackling fire from the fireplace greet us. An illumined Christmas tree stands in the corner. In a deep resounding voice a man with a guitar leads the congregation in singing Jingle Bells.

Through the singing Martin hears "it".

As from nowhere it seems, a bell starts ringing. A deep, laughingly friendly voice echoes, Ho, Ho, Ho. The side door of the church swings open. In comes Santa Claus. Oh, he looks so beautiful in his red suit. His silver hair shines in the light from the many candles. With a wave of his hand he sits down in an easy chair prepared just for him.

Daddy James gives Martin an encouraging nudge towards Santa. The boy’s eyes transfixed in awe on the magic man in front of him, he slowly - ever so slowly - walks to-ward the laughing Santa Claus.

Santa stretches out his hand, Hello, I am Santa Claus. Who are you?

Martin opens his mouth but no sound comes out. He just looks with wide open, innocent eyes into Santa’s face.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Without taking off his eyes from Santa, Martin nods two or three times emphatically.

Santa Claus takes the boy’s finger and gently touches his nose. Touch my nose Martin. See, I am a real person just like you!

I live in a fairyland at the North Pole. My reindeer brought me here this evening because I wanted to see YOU and all the other children here, he says waving with a generous gesture at the gathered crowd.

"I like reindeers," whispers Martin.

Ho, ho, ho! How about that. Santa is all smiles. Look what I have brought you. Out of his bag he takes a toy reindeer, ever so soft and pretty. Martin timidly takes it and holds it tight to his chest - not once taking off his eyes from the magical Santa.

Now, always remember, Santa reminds Martin with a smile in his voice, whenever you like something, keep it strong in your heart and it will come to you. It will not always be me who brings it, but know I am always there in your heart.

Then, Santa rises from his chair. Bending down he gently speaks to Martin, while pointing to all the small and grown kids in front of them, Now let us go and give the other kids their presents too - and YOU are my special helper tonight.

Martin is reverently under Santa’s spell. He takes his hand and together they bring more than just a smile to everyone’s heart.

Who is that kid? a woman next to me asks in wonderment.

No one answers. In our heart we all know exactly who that kid is - our reflection; the mirror of our own wonder for life, the expression of our own innocence. Our inner kid-self, is standing in awe before this miracle of Christmas, expressed through a child just like us.

—Dr Sylvia M Enz