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God's Pocket - Winter 2014 Issue

I Create My Own Mental Season


Dr Herbert L BeirleDr Herbert L Beierle

NO thought can bring forth what I do not believe. I think my thought and I speak my word and whatever it is that is in my consciousness is brought forth in my everyday experience. Thus, I choose to take personal delight in every season and I create it mentally to my pleasure.

If I look at what I like in my life, I create it and I create the season to carry it out as I like. I may delight in skiing, so I create a snowy winter paradise that allows me to float over the mountains and hillsides on my skis with great skill and confidence. My body is limber and nimble and I ski with great agility in all the magic one does on the snow.

If I delight in the beach and ocean, I create a warm climatic condition at the seashore for my enjoyment. Winter for me is Hawaii and the Canary Islands and a warm atmosphere, which fulfills my exciting time in the wintertime.

At all times the environment delighting my soul exists and is available for me as I have it in my thought. I do not make it happen. As I think about it, it already exists and is available for me to my delight. It is my decision is to make up my thought and to make up my mind what it is that makes me happy. I think about it and claim it and it is mine now!

Sometimes I allow my thought to think that the season of my choice is not the season that exists now—and so it happens to me. Then I wake up and realize that as I think in my fondest delight, so it happens in my experience.

It is winter all over the world. Each area of the world experiences winter in its own magical way. I can travel to the part of the world holding the type of weather I am enchanted in for any season I may choose. I create my own mental season by traveling there physically, mentally and magically. The mode of transportation is mine. BUT so it is for me—I create my own mental season.

—Dr Herbert L Beierle