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Shiaka A Ilavbarhe - Winter 2014 Issue

The following is the Dissertation of the Rev Shiaka A Ilavbarhe of Rivers State, Nigeria, Africa. Submitted to the Board of Regents of the University of Healing. This Dissertation culminates his postgraduate work, leading to the recognition of Doctor of Metaphysics.

I Live In My Garden

The science of going within is the only science through which I can be and do that which will ultimately set me free from the ignorance of being. It is so because all that I am and will ever be is already within this garden in me. As a spiritual being I exist as this garden. In this garden is the formless substance from which the manifest universe and all things in it are given form.

How I do it. I use the law of cause and effect by thinking and giving attention to that which I desire to experience. In this way thought is the only directive and law set in motion to give form to that which I give my attention and this formless substance consequently takes manifest form in the universe. It is not by my holding thought, but my allowing it to reveal itself and my accepting that it is done. In this garden exist all the issues of life. It is only the individual who has exclusive or absolute right to make the choice of what he or she desires. Based on this truth of being I continually live as this inner garden with pure thoughts, good words and beneficial deeds. I love the world about me; I love this garden whole-heartedly. I know and see everyone as me and so there is no one to judge, no one to compete with thereby reaping the harvest of peace and harmony wherever I go.

It is within this garden that each one of us decides what our activity is in the manifest universe—be it in the arts, science or engineering. To excel in any of these requires an inner incubation on that choice and being onepointed in it. The genius I desire to express I see with my inner eye. I claim it and see it done and it becomes my harvest.

My Harvest

It is claimed that God drove Adam from the garden, but God is all there is therefore, the garden is a gift of the self to the self and so Adam as god is not separated from that which he is but has the choice as to whether he abides in the garden or not.

This can be likened to the story of the prodigal son. The stay at home son was given no choice and the one that left home had no choice. Since the son that left home did not understand that nothing in god is ever lost he thought he wasted his substance. In reality he knew he came from the source of all and decided to go back. The beauty of his reception shows that it is only the individual who thinks of this separation and so claims it. The truth is that the choice I make dictates what I reap. The obedient and stay at home son did not make a choice and as such got nothing though all that is in the garden is his.

It is always myself giving to myself from this inner garden and the law executes everything that I give to myself in the manifest universe. This is how I take from the timelessness of time the responsibility of creating my experiences and taking my destiny in my hands.

I Am Independent

I am god the creator of my world. I am the only power, presence, intelligence and substance from which all things in my world is created. I exist in my eternal garden and so my thoughts give direction to the formless substance to take form according to my desire.

How? I use the law of sowing and reaping or cause and effect. Whatever thought I give attention to is the seed I sow in this my eternal garden therefore, it produces its kind in my experience.


Prayer is not asking god or any power outside me to be or do anything for me. Prayer is claiming whatever I desire in my world since I am the only god and the only power and presence operative in my world. Because I am the power, the presence, the intelligence and the substance in my world, whatever I desire I reveal it and it is made manifest in my experience. Since I use the universal mind as my mind, there is the possibility of my antenna catching undesired stray thoughts. When this happens I give attention to only those that are in conformity with that which I am and the qualities of my being. This keeps me always within the original purity and integrity of my being, so I am always independent.

Experience shows how I individually or collectively take charge of my thinking and change the conditions around me always to my benefit and the benefit of my creation.

One Fourth of July, immediately after my three hour meditation, the sky opened up and about 5:15 am my cousin called to say that I should cancel my planned journey because of the Garri I was carrying, Garri is a local food prepared from cassava tuber.

I told him that I have already made my plans and that my universe and all that are therein must be harmonious with my plans. That at about 6:30 am I expect to leave home for the park, the rain would stop and would continue to stop at any point where there will be no roof over me and my packages of Garri vegetable plants until I get to my residence in Omoku. And it was so.

At the last place of change of vehicles at Ahoada, the driver that was to take me from there on asked if I was the owner of the bag of Gerri. I answered in the affirmative. He told me that he would take me to my residence in Omoku at no extra cost. He dropped me at home and no sooner had he left my home the rain started in accordance with what I told my cousin in my home would happen because now I have a roof over my Gerri and me.

My family members were happy and said I was very lucky. I told them that I did not live in a world of chance but in a world of divine order. I am in this world but not of it because I create my own world and as such I am independent of the conditions of this world.

The World Is Perfect

The science of seeking first the kingdom within me has enabled me to interpret things as they really are. Everything in the universe is created by the invisible presence by itself, through itself for itself. The substance of all things created is spirit and it is only through spiritual eyes that I perceive what things really are. It is through this spiritual perception that I come to realize that the world is perfect.

World Events

It may seem to an observer that I am cold to what happens in the world of form. The truth is that I am not cold to happenings in the world. I interpret them as manifestations of causes set in motion by individuals who experience them and they are good and very good. Everyone lives in his own world and enjoys the experiences thereof as his or her creation. I know that divine order prevails everywhere for god is omnipresent. Each one of us as god has exclusive and absolute right to make choices through thinking and the law gives form to that thought and brings it forth in the world of manifestation of its kind. This also is the law of justice, which sees to it that the cosmos remains always in equilibrium.

Minding My Business

The purpose for which I took upon myself this physical temple is to express the god being that I am. It is necessary that I mind my own business for I am the only one in my world and all that I create are reflections of who and what I am. Living my life from within out I consciously focus on the truth of who and what I am. In the outer I manifest that which I give attention. Focused on the inner being I manifest in my world of experience the beauty, love, peace, joy, abundance, harmony and purity that I am within. In so doing, I manifest in my world all—I am in the world.

Individual World

I am god and I know it. You are god whether you know it or not. The truth is that we are. We stand before our mirror as we live in our home, which is our mind. I decide to stand on my legs, while you decide to stand on your head. These mirrors will reflect these positions accordingly. They do not change them because it is our individual choice and its purpose is to do as we choose. This is what happens in our outer world as we make choices in our inner world, which reflects in the outer. The position each of us assumes in front of the mirror is good and very good as our individual choice and the law sees to it that it maintains these positions thereby allowing us to reap as we sow.

An observer who is not aware of the workings of the principle of life may see one comfortable and the other not because he sees only effect and not cause.

My revelation as god perpetuates the condition I choose since I still know and see this condition. This is what is happening in the world of effect. It is through realization that I see my world as my creation as a result of the cause set in motion bringing forth its kind. All that I do in this situation is change my position or set a new cause in motion and my former position fades as the morning dew giving chance for the new cause to manifest its kind. As a realized being I see my creation as playing the game of life by not judging, condemning or comparing the creation for I know I alone live in my world and it is good and very good therefore, a perfect world.

The world is of thoughts and words

In creating all things from it, god gives to each the capacity to be and do as each chooses. In each also exist all that each is and ever will be. The expression of that which each is also lies within each.

An example of what I have written above is that a mango seed contains within itself roots, tree, branches and mango fruits. The mango seed is able to express completely only when it abides solely on its source of expression, which, in this case is the soil. If it is left on the top of a piece of iron it will dry up and never produce despite the fact that it contain all within itself.

God incarnated itself in me and I am god in man as man. God is one and indivisible, so god in me as me is all god is. I am omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. I have within me the substance from which to create all that I desire. In order to be fruitful and have my harvest in due season, I abide in my inner garden, the source of all that I am. As god my purpose of taking flesh and dwelling in the midst thereof and having dominion is to express the qualities of my being. I am peace, joy, harmony, abundance, love, beauty, perfect and eternal. I am all and beside me there is none. I dwell constantly in my inner garden where these qualities abide. These qualities therefore are all that are made manifest in my experience. My world is a reflection of what I think and what I am. This is being to myself all that I am in my world.

Events In The World

Everyone thinks and so everyone creates his own world. The events of the world therefore are the creation of the people of the world and are therefore good and very good. The beauty of it all is that each one enjoys his creation or experiences his creation according to his thoughts. As god each one of us reflects in his world what our inner garden is directed to produce in our experience by our thought and acceptance. As we think so we are. Though all of us are in the world, not all of us experience what takes places in the world as each one is absolutely guided to reap according to his way of life. The holy book points to this when it says that two women will be grinding in mill and one is in rapture and the other is left to experience her creation.

Heaven Here And Now

Heaven is not a location, for it neither in the north, south, east or west, but an experience here and now according to our individual choice. It is ultimate for all. There is no time loss for all eventually go through all our experiences according to our choice and in self-realization and make the right choice.

My Recognition

As a realized being I recognize every event in the world in divine order. This is the only conclusion as every one is exclusively and absolutely in charge of his thought and experiences which manifest in his world. The law of cause and effect sees to it that an effect equal to the cause is done. It is respects causes.

I am always in charge.


My brother, the master teacher, taught that we know the truth and this truth sets us free. Truth therefore is not in repeating what the masters, prophets or gurus know in their own way but revealing it in our own experience and living it to our own benefit and the benefit of mankind.

This truth therefore must be a revelation through each individual. The truth that I now know is that I am god in all aspects of being and therefore I am solely responsible for my world, its affairs and conditions. As god I allow only that which I want to experience to take my attention and so have it manifest in my world. I create my world, its affairs and conditions through speaking my word. But the word comes from thought and so my thoughts are the seeds I sow in my inner garden and harvest them in outer manifestation. Everything I hear and everything I see and give attention to also are seeds that give their harvest in outer manifestation whether beneficial or not and so here is where I make decisions through understanding.

I am free.

Through understanding I now use the law of cause and effect or sowing and reaping by consciously thinking and paying attention to thoughts that reflect the truth of who I am and the qualities of my beingness which are love, peace, abundance, harmony, joy and perfection. These thoughts reflect their kind in manifestation in my world of experience.

I Am Master Of My Thought­­­­

I use universal mind, it is that my mind reveals my thoughts. It always picks up beneficial thought by my choice. So it is at this moment that I consciously allow only beneficial thoughts to take my attention. This is how I live in this world and not of it.

An Experience I Confirm I Am god

On the 29th of June 2013 I boarded a vehicle from Omoku to Benin.

When the vehicle was filled a young man came to the door and said, my brothers and sisters, let us handover this, our journey to god. After this, he said Close your eyes and let us pray and started the prayer by saying: In Jesus name and the passengers replied by saying Amen, he went further to say that he has handed over our journey to god for the journeys purpose and so we will arrive safely. With this he concluded and asked for love offering saying that everyone can give whatever is convenient and god will reward such a giver abundantly. So many gave what was convenient to them.

Immediately as we left the park, a young man sitting next to me said: Please, sir I noticed that you did not close your eyes and you did not say Amen to the man of god’s prayer.

I asked if he saw me not closing my eyes, he too did not close his eyes. He replied by saying: I opened my eyes temporarily to look at you because when the man of god said in Jesus name, I did not hear you say Amen. He then asked: What were you up to?

At this point I told him that the holy book says that in god we live, move and have our being. This means that our life is in god. Our movement is in god and our beingness also is in god. This god is you and it is so believe it or not. The truth is we are. In this case my life is in me, my movement is in me and my experience is within me. Therefore I as god constitute all that is in my world and so I do not ask god or any power outside me for anything since I am all there is. Therefore every time I move it is always at my speed, god speed and so I am completely incharge of my world.

I know who and what I am, I am god, all of god, only god!

The science of going within is the only science through which I can be and do that which will ultimately set me free from the ignorance of being.