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Serendipity - Winter 2014 Issue

Christmas and Winter Together

Dr Herbert L Beirle


On Christmas we think about snow and Santa Claus and the Christ Child. This is the image, which this season of the year brings forth in our thinking.

The happy time of winter allows us to go sledding, ice skating, skiing and having a wonderful time. Outdoor sports. Indoor visiting. The Yuletide season makes all of us come alive with the feeling that we live in an especially wonderful world and we all have an especially wonderful life!

The more we empower the goodness of this time of year, the more this time of year is the center of peace and goodwill to all. It starts in our hearts. We do not say: Let there be peace on earth.

We say:

There NOW is peace on EARTH and it began with my thinking, my caring and my unconditionally loving sharing. It began with me and it continues with me.

Winter is not only December it is January and February too. Often it is thought as a time of rest for the soil, after the harvest, less outdoor activity, but these versions of winter are past tense. Today we live outdoors as much and we live indoors in wintertime. We are not cooped up because of the inclement or cold weather. We brave the elements and play and work just as boldly and enthusiastically in the winter as any other season of the year. Perhaps because winter is thought of as being the colder months we have a tendency to hold back on doing things.

We have many friends in Switzerland living in the Swiss Alps. The cold and snow are present in abundance. However, A Swill person is never inhibited by the elements. They drive through ice and snow, rain and fog and think nothing of it. People unaccustomed to such conditions immediately limit themselves and are fearful driving on icy streets, snowy roads, heavy rain storms—and believe it or not—they are reluctant to drive when it is too hot as the weather can sometime be.

As we learn to make life fun, every moment of life an exciting adventure in which we have glorious experiences. The fun of life comes as we take charge of every experience and call it both good and exciting. It is our choice what we call the daily events of our life. We call them great and we find the magic and joy in what happens to us. We call winter, summer, spring and fall times of the year wherein each have adventures unique to the season, unique to the people living at various latitudes of the world. So precious and so fantastic, we enter in the excitement of each latitude and know experiences uniquely there.

When we look at the world with Christmas and Winter together we see revelations that each latitude and longitude of the World shine forth, each so special and each such a joy to experience.

—Dr Herbert L Beierle