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Winter 2008

GIST Magazine
Herb and Ellen swimming with the Dolphins in Mexico

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God's Pocket
What Is The UNI

A Voyage At Sea

EJ Shares
I Believe

Practitioner Letter
The Bees Do It

Affirmation Column
My Magic Key


God's Pocket - Winter 2008 Issue

What Is The UNI

EllenTHE WORD UNI is short for the word university. UNI is a familiar term referring to an Alma Mater or the school, which has meant the most to students in their learning process. The word UNI as used by the University of Healing means its Metaphysical School of Philosophy.

The word philosophy is parent to the essence of all thought. Every being is a metaphysician. Metaphysics plays in the field of the fundamental nature of reality and being including: ontology (the nature of being), cosmology (the philosophical study and explanation of the nature of the universe) and epistemology (studying the nature of knowledge, its foundations, scope and validity).

The UNI addresses itself to the nature of being.

Fundamental to all concepts shared in this metaphysical school is the phrase: Be yourself and have fun. Or attitude governs our way of thinking.

In the UNI we learn the fundamental as the basic principles and concepts underlying our particular sphere of knowledge and wisdom.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle