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Winter 2008

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Herb and Ellen swimming with the Dolphins in Mexico

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God's Pocket
What Is The UNI

A Voyage At Sea

EJ Shares
I Believe

Practitioner Letter
The Bees Do It

Affirmation Column
My Magic Key


Ingeborg - Winter 2008 Issue

My Magic Key

ART AND SCIENCE of Wholeness first chapter is an exciting chapter which always inspires me to think god created the world by speaking its word and the world manifested.

God is all. God is unlimited in being. I affirm: I AM GOD, GOD I AM. So, I use the same method I learn in the creation story to speak my word to manifests everything.

My thought through my word manifests. Thoughts are things. Indeed, I pay attention to my thoughts. I am careful in choosing the words I speak to myself and my creation.

As I am pure in my thoughts then I as god create my wonderful world. I create it in harmony, peace and love.

I use this ability as I think of buying a winter jacket. Maga-zines arrive in the mail and I speak my word saying: "I have my perfect jacket." Lo and behold there is MY dream jacket, a blue one. I rush to the phone and order it right away.

Although the weather on campus is still comfortable, I wear my new winter jacket on my evening walk with my little dog Yes, I feel really very warm in it, but I am happy about this spontanious find. Smile, I like me!

—Dr Ingeborg Puchert