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Winter 2008

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Herb and Ellen swimming with the Dolphins in Mexico

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Serendipity - Winter 2008 Issue

A Voyage At Sea

HAVE YOU EVER taken an ocean voyage for no other reason than to have fun? While writing this I am on a cruise from San Diego to the tip of the Baja Peninsula at Cabo San Lucas; then on to visit Mazatán and Puerto Vallarota - seeing all the sights along the way.

The weather is ideal. It is clear, a lovely warm 85 degrees, sunny and bright, and the Holland America Line 951 foot cruise ship Oosterdam glides gently through the placid Pacific Ocean to the delight of its 1,900 guests and 800 staff and crew. The voyage is one my associate Ellen Jermini thought of for many years, hardly expecting it, but always dreaming joyfully of the event, which is now taking place.

With each treasured global traveler I am treated as royalty and am provided with lavish meals and mid-meal-meals many times a day - I am thrilled. Inclu-ded in the fare is everything except cocktails.

Daily I sit on my veranda on the eighth deck of this fabulous 18+ elevator-floating hotel with game courts, swimming pools, and many restaurants and shops of every description. Several large theaters seating from 800 to 2,000 provide entertainment and amusement on a round-the-clock basis. The staff is quality personnel mostly from Asia and the guests are either retired or just fun-loving-world-traveling-vacationers thoroughly enjoying being graciously waited on.

Ellen with her Apple Mac Book computer joins me for one-hour daily as I take out my Mac Book Pro on my stateroom porch with the velvet blue Pacific just seemingly inches from my nose - what an ideal setting. I am learning more and more about my Apple every day.

Now at the tip of the Baja Peninsula at Cabo San Lucas, I stand anchored directly above a world-class pyramid built at this cross terminal of global meridian lines describing this auspicious location. Pyramid sites are mapped universally around the Earth and known to every alert meridian student. While pyramids are of a permanent nature and many are still very evident, many have slid into invisibility and disrepair. Once the Baja Pyramid was above water, but now it lies sunken deep beneath the sea known only as I choose to mentally be aware of this choice fact I find it is supported by the crossing of its meridian lines.

Ancient Asian cultures list the global meridians and list the complexity of the human body meridians, which activate and define the functioning of the human-mental-spiritual body of mankind. Books abound with this information.

There are many world-class pyramids built 10,000 years ago in many locations on Earth. This Egypt-style of pyramid lies here deep under tons of ocean water and a volume of sand shifted upon it with the sinking of the land on which it is constructed. Inquisitive beings have studied this pyramid - as well as the Egyptian Giza Pyramid, and find them similar.

As we float over the Baja site Ellen asks me what it means. Normally a pyramid is defined as a huge stone tomb of ancient Egyptian royalty with a square base and triangular walls that slope to meet in a point at the top. However, there are many other types of pyramids worldwide made with the same geometric design but using defined levels of its various models each of which house "the mental school" in which is taught the ultimate of the relative leading to the awareness of the absolute.

While each is a game humanity loves to play, actually the illuminati listen to their teacher within and all of the mental school is revealed simply and comfortably to them. The illuminati are not exclusive. The illuminati concept rises out of the awareness of the allness realization, which dwells within all life.

I like to use the term illuminati because it gives just a little smile to everyone’s lips since it is an attitude, which everyone has but few will admit to having.

On this glorious seven-day-cruise along the Mexican coast Ellen and I meet dozens of people at every turn. The common question is "What sort of work are you in?" The common answer is "I am retired." If I respond differently a plethora of questions erupt and everyone wants to know "what" I teach. I respond, "I teach basic philosophy and psychology of positive thinking and positive living to get the most out of life and to enjoy it as fully as possible." Naturally everyone is turned on and wants to know "how" I teach such an eclectic philosophy. Choosing what is best from a variety of styles of life, a variety of sources of ethics-values-cultures, is interesting, however; in the last analysis, it all boils down to "I like myself, I am being myself and I am having fun."

Happily everyone appla-uds this synthesis of thought, word and action and wants to know more about it and hear more "right now!"

In the timelessness of the now, philosophy blends into a pattern of attitude and acceptance. There is nothing to prove only to share my mutual self.

Back to our ocean voyage: Mazatán and Puerto Vallarta have an enchantment of their own, but always the joy of living in the now supersedes the landscape.

Mazatán appears to be a combination of Cabo San Lucas with its emphasis on tourism and commercial/industrial aspects while Puerto Vallarta gives evidence of an up and coming modern city with wide streets, tall buildings and emphasis on shipping and perhaps manufacturing. From the elevation of our ship looking down upon Puerto Vallarta its charm and warmth are evident. The street noise so prevalent in undeveloped countries does not exist here. Surely Puerto Vallarta is a flagship delight of Mexico.

Here in Puerto Vallarta I head out to swim with the dolphins. Ellen and I anticipate a joyous adventure and a magical experience.

I don my swim trunks and chest life jacket for the memorable adventure in the sun heated seawater pool with two dolphins in my group and four other sets of dolphin-people swimmers.

Wow, what an experience it is to swim with the dolphins. I learned to pat and pet the dolphins on their back and stomach but to stay away from their mouth, eyes and blowholes. After being accustomed to these warm hearted creatures in twos, I swam with them and around them. Little by little I hugged them and they slid in close to me. I turned around and there they were sidling up close to me awaiting my caress. On call they leapt high out of the water, midair they twisted and turned to land quietly in the pool where I was trained to become one with Nemo and Napan. The ultimate moment came when I took hold of Nemo’s flippers as he lay on his back. Holding the flippers he swam on his back with me lying on his belly, back and forth across and around the pool. Soon everyone had a go swimming with the dolphins and falling in love with these remarkable creatures. I was amazed and delighted - as were the 16 men, women and children in our group.

Back on the Oosterdam as the ship prepared to return to San Diego James Cielen master magician of Las Vegas presented an hour-long program in the giant Vista Theater to a packed house. He did the usual tricks which never ceased to amaze and delight the audience, but he had two poodles showing how well trained they were - along with the two sons of the magician ages 3 and 4 showing off the fact that they were the children of their fabulous parents - for their mother was the stage assistant and did an amazing dance choreography from floating ribbons.

The temperature on my deck just outside of the stateroom is 82 degrees, the pools on deck are 80 degrees and the humidity is 75 making for paradise overlooking a brilliant blue ocean and clear sky.

My veranda is private. Before I go to bed I slip out onto the porch and sit quietly looking across the expanse of sea and dark sky, the moon and stars are out and the ideal temperature allows me to think of only my innermost meditations. The music of the rippling waves blessing the bow of my nighttime playground whisk my thoughts to a celestial vision. I close my eyes and a halo of sparkling light sprinkles around inside of my skull - beautifully - and I am whisked away into a "land" of magic and peace. No one thought enters my mind. I am awash with the sensation of all is right with my world. I am peace. The awareness of otherness, of something outside of myself disappears. I dwell in a mystical void, an emptiness of allness and nothingness. It is now time to arise from this solitude and enter into a good night’s sleep.

The ocean voyage is an experience introducing me to how great it is. I look forward to more such adventures.

And so it is.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle