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Winter 2008

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Practitioner Letter - Winter 2008 Issue

The Bees Do It

ONE OF THE DELIGHTS in the summer heat of the high desert is a quick dip into the UNI outdoor swimming pool. But, I am by far not the only one who has discovered this paradisic spot - I am sharing it with a group of bees that happily drink from the refreshing crystal clear ozonated water as they gather on the pipes close to the entrance steps. Every so often one looses its balance and falls into the water from where I put them back on the safety of the tiles. Well, they thankfully shake their laced tender wings - and then head straightaway back to the pool - and fall in once again. Happily for them I am still there!

It is so funny to watch them, their behavior reminds me strongly of a powerful human streak - habit. Even knowing that unbeneficial thoughts backfire - I, we, find it difficult to break the habit - because as the word indicates, we are accustomed to it, we are used to it, we cannot help it because it has been ingrained into us from childhood on - and our body and mind got used to that stimulus. A friend who is working in customer service asked one complaining lady, What can I do to make you happy? On which she snapped, I don’t want to be happy! This makes me smile, because I am a strong believer that everyone’s intrinsic desire and nature is happiness - but it takes action to break the habit.

When I asked a friend what made him change his attitude, he said in his casual straightforwardness, My strongest motivation was, that I simply had enough of how my life was going! He made a different choice - and it is a choice to concentrate on happy thoughts as it is a choice to concentrate on negative thoughts - they both come from the same place in the universal mind, the unseen allness, ready to reveal our choice as our experience.

On the 4th of November the majority of our nation made such a change in attitude and elected a new President who came like a promise and a symbol for a new happiness and integrity for our country, seemingly out of nowhere! We, just, like my friend, had a strong motivation, we were ready for a shift in the awareness and the perception of our country - and this shift in our thinking elected a new president! It works individually and it works collectively!

My friend was curious to know if it is really just a matter of saying positive affirmations that will bring about and keep up change. Yes, it actually is. I draw different experiences into my life by saying: I am independently wealthy, I have infinite cash flow, I am abundance. I see a different person in the mirror as I say, I am the happiest person in the universe, all my heart’s desires are fulfilled, I look more vital everyday. I have and outpicture a totally different attitude about my body, as I say, I live in my ideal spirit mind and body, I am beautiful, I am vital, dynamic alive, I am whole and perfect - and thats just the beginning as it is all about naming it and claiming it!

Both positive and negative statements are the same thing - thoughts - and thoughts are things, thoughts are energy, ideas are power - regardless what they are about - beneficial or unbeneficial. No, judgment - just a fact! It has been said: As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is!

Ah, yes, the bees - sometimes it happens that one that I gently put to safety on the tiles, shakes off the water and then determinately takes off into the blue sky, free of any habit that would limit its unlimited flight. It made its choice!

This is me, this is us! We make our choice. We fly free with a new thought and a new attitude! America flys free as it finds its original values and virtues in a new leader.

Bees do it - I do it, America does it! Smile!

—Dr Sylvia M Enz