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Spring 2011

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God's Pocket - Spring 2011 Issue

When Enough Is Enough

EllenSOMETIMES LIFE seems to be filled with problems and there just are no solutions on the horizon. When this happens I feel as though I have it up to “here” and I can take no more.

What a wonderful state of consciousness to arrive at in my life. What a wonderful condition to be faced with and to face it all alone, with no one to support my feelings of helplessness. It is at times like this that I come to be aware of the bottom of the barrel and I want to dig a hole, jump in and pull the dirt in over me and end it all.

Super! This is the point of no return. This is the point I have when I truly find what the return really is.

Smile, no one feels sorry for me!

So I say to myself, "If no one is going to feel sorry for me I will just quit." However, to quit is not as easy as that. When I quit feeling sorry for myself I find that life is really not THAT bad. Life is really not so terrible after all. Life has some good points about it. I begin to see these good points and I am sorry I ever was so despondent and futile in my viewpoint. I look with new eyes and see the sun is still shining.

Now that I am at the bottom I look around me at the problem and see that it was not someone else who caused it, it was my allowing myself to HAVE my buttons that seemingly another can push and make me come to the conclusion Enough is Enough!

My solution: I start counting my blessings. I start looking at my world through clean clear lenses getting all of the irritants off and let the truth shine through.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle