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Spring 2011

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Ingeborg - Spring 2011 Issue

My Earthly Paradise

I LIKE LIVING AT the altitude of about 3000 feet and the surrounding area of the Campus of the Absolute Monastery located on the historical grounds of Campo, California. This rural habitat is confining with the area of the famous Borrego Desert.

That famous desert is a wonderful scenic attraction due to the sand dunes and the special tall plants and the bright yellow flowers of the high cactus growing there.

I like myself and have a peaceful mind from within.

I sit in front of the Absolute Monastery and enjoy the precious rays of the sun on my body. I like the comfortable outdoor temperature going automatically up and down from 32 to 85 degrees.

I have a joyful delight in observing the clear blue sky high up in the vault of heaven and welcome the air caressing gently my hair and the skin of my body at a comfortable temperature.

I spontaneously smile from within as I notice that even our pets: the Mini Pincher called "Little Love", the two nutured cats are "Geny" the intelligent black female cat with green eyes and the majestic caring tomcat "Sami" with his beautiful coat of mixed dark gray and blue color. Each one of these creatures has memorized the way of how they can reach by their choice, in the afternoon, the large blue carpet laying at the south-west area of the Monastery. There they lay down and in stretching their body absorb from the tip of their ears to the tip of their tail the benefit of the gentle sunrays.

The sunbathing of the pets is for me the effect of a natural instinct, the divine intuition and wisdom, which god, the one universal creator, has embedded consciously into the pets’ positive wisdom.

In looking at the large steep slope at the left side of the Monastery I admire the layout of the many stones and rocks of various sizes held together with a kind of mortar made of the local sand forming a picturesque exhibition of balance and stability.

In this connection I think spontaneously of the omniscience, the universal creative formless presence, which definitely is even in everything that there is, bringing forth similar artful arrangements of stones and particles.

Yes, I know that thoughts are things and the every day life is for me a peaceful meaningful wonderful experience.

—Dr Ingeborg Puchert