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Spring 2011

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Practitioner Letter - Spring 2011 Issue

GO To Something

THE TROLLY IS crowded and because the trip to the border town of San Ysidro CA is long, Jenny’s eyes eagerly search for an empty seat, when she sees a young man getting up and waving her to his seat. At the next stop her neighbor to the right gets off and she happily moves over to offer the seat back to the young man. She thanks him for his kindness—and they start talking. He tells her that his name is Carlos and that he is a cook, happily married and father of a son.

How come you are such a happy person? What is your secret, asks Jenny enjoying his happy go lucky way of talking about his life!

With a pensive smile Carlos looks over to her and tells her that it was not always like this. "Well, see, a few years ago my life was different. I was a gang person and hanging around with less than beneficial friends. I knew that it was not really the life I desired but it was hard to change—I had never known anything else! Then my boy was born and I wanted him to have a father of whom he could be proud of. That was my motivation to leave my old life behind. We moved to a different part of the country and I learned to be a cook. I have never seen any of my old friends again—and I have never been happier and more content with my life.

"I believe that in order to release something or someone, I GO to something I want. I had the powerful motivation of wanting to be an example for my son. He was my miracle that changed the way I looked at myself and my world."

The muffled voice of the Trolley conductor crackles in the loudspeaker, 12th Street and Imperial, and Carlos quickly, with a last wave, exits and disappears in the crowd.

—Dr Sylvia M Enz