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Spring 2011

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Serendipity - Spring 2011 Issue

A Touch Of Love

A TOUCH OF LOVE comes into my life whenever I am bubbling from within and let it express outwardly through my thought, through my touch and through my indescribable joy.

Every morning as I awaken, I lie on my back and let my fingertips gently touch every area of my head. I let my fingertips circulate around my eyes, sometime cupping my hand over my eyes, sometimes letting my fingers dance the dance of joy over the lids of my eyes as they cover my eyes.

Inside me, inside my head, under my lids my eyes absorb the touch, the gentleness, the feeling of oneness with all of my body and each eye shouts out from under its lid, "Hey, I LIKE this!" Naturally, I keep massaging my eyes through my eyelids and think, "how great this is".

I say to my eyes, "You wonderful guys, I am delighted in you. You are perfect. You see a GOOD world, you see HAPPINESS everywhere, you see a world, which is a reflection of the love and joy and peace I am within myself. I like that, yes I do!"

I linger over my eyes. I smile inwardly as I linger over my eyes and feel warmth within me that flows from my eyes throughout my entire body. I feel a tingle, a sensation of oneness as I relax in the awareness of who and what I am. My eyes glow within under my eyelids, with my eyes closed I see the glow, I feel the sensation of peace and gentleness, of warmth and goodness, of a newness I have learned to love and know.

Now I take my hands and let them lie on my face relaxed. I feel loved by ME! I feel LIKED by ME! I feel one as me and it is a glorious feeling of mellowness and goodness. It is indescribable and yet I know very well what it is all about, it is all about being me and being wonderful. I continue with this relaxed feeling over my face and every cell of my face feels relaxed too. I have to smile to myself living in this sensation of unconditional love and this sensation of inner peace. I feel so GOOD!

Now I let my fingers dance over my face.

My fingers move from my eyes to my forehead, dancing and vibrating, moving rhythmically to the music from within themselves, from my very personal orchestra playing at all times in my heart and soul.

Soon my fingers leap from my forehead to the top of my head and seem to buzz along the surface of my scalp touching ever so gently and yet definitely. My scalp feels alive with a tingle of joy, of love, of harmony. Every follicle of hair leaps up to caress my fingers and say, "I love you!" Each hair claims its oneness and yet uniqueness as my fingers flows from one to the other. In an instant I am one with each hair follicle and am known by each hair. The essence of my hair is pure and beautiful. The essence of my hair is clean and shiny. The essence of my hair is alive and sensitive. I am one as each hair and yet each hair is totally unique and radiant of itself.

Timelessly I move down my face and embrace my nose and circulate around, in, under, through my nose with such a loving touch, my nose allows me to feel a sensation I had never known "there" before. My nose is alive with a radiant light; alive with a feeling of smoothness and rightness that is its natural essence. I am in love with my nose. I giggle and my nose vibrates its giggle back to me and I am so happy.

I leap off my nose to my lips. My fingers dance ON my lips and I tingle with the feeling of wowness, it is beyond words to say. I move over the face of my lips and then over the tops of my lips. I move over my the area between my nose and my lips and there is a oneness there that makes me know that all is right with my world, all is right with me, all is in divine order and my lips kiss the universe with happy surprise.

My cheeks are firm and glorious. My fingers "talk" to my cheeks and share with my cheeks the awareness that each cheek is an expression of all of the emotions of my inner self. They "heat" up and turn "red" and "pink" shining forth the sensation, the feeling of all is good and lots of fun. I am involved in my world in a very special way.

My chin causes my hands to feel a belongingness, which somehow I do not know from any other area of my face. It gathers up my fingers and invites them to FLOW over every cell of my chin and feel most welcome. My jawbone is a natural enticement of my ears. The vibrations of my fingertips enliven the tiny hairs in my ears making me ever more sensitive to the vibrations which are interpreted as sound by my brain. The hairs await my loving them, my caressing them, my recognizing them as being whole and perfect, as being alive with light and love, as be all in the now. And of course, so it is!

My fingers flow from my ears down my jaw over my throat. In one grand circle my fingertips dance over my throat and my neck, enhancing all of the organs, actions and functions of my body through the glands vibrating in my head, my throat, my neck and me.

I feel the sensation of goodness as never before.

Each morning as I awake I let my dancing fingers select a different area of my body for their dance of love, for their reminder within me of who and what I am now and always.

I am the pure white light of love eagerly awaiting recognition from my fingertips, from my oneness, from my allness—and it is good and very good.

After my morning massage, my morning electrical awakening I leap out of bed, ready for a glorious day I created before I got up. Smile!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle