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Summer 2011

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My Inner Genius

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God's Pocket - Summer 2011 Issue

My Inner Genius

EllenI live in my inner genius all of the time. I let go and let god be me in me doing whatever delights my thought and my being. Nothing else matters! I meditate upon what is for my highest and best and lo and behold my highest and best is revealed fulfilled now. There is no time as to when it happens for it is done now!

My inner genius sparkles forth in everything I do.

I choose to drive effectively. I say I am the ideal chauffeur and drive harmoniously with all the traffic. I say I am the pure white light of love and all my ways are ways of peace and paths of pleasantness. The way is open before me as I drive joyously along my way.

I say I surround my car with my pure white light of love. I say my car is divine and functions perfectly at all times. Wherever I am I am surrounded by peaceful harmonious drivers and unconditionally loving people. I live in a smile. I live in balance and synchronization. I am the center of joy and peace. The traffic lane before me is clear and open. All drivers feel my sense of unconditional love and radiate this love in their cars, in their driving, in their feelings toward themselves now and always.

As I walk into any shop the clerks eagerly recognize my choices and service my desires happily and competently. They cannot do enough to be helpful in pleasing me.

I am universal unconditional love. My family is universal unconditional love. My associates are universal unconditional love. My world is universal unconditional love. I live in this realization. I live in this awareness. My inner genius sparkles forth at all times and everyone in my energy field is enfolded in my genius and love, in my life and wisdom. I am all now living my inner genius.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle