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Summer 2011

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A Birthday GIFT

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Practitioner Letter - Summer 2011 Issue

A Birthday GIFT

In May I celebrated my Birthday. It is the philosophy at the UNI to celebrate Birthdays not to count the years, but to count the blessings we create through our unique presence on this planet. A great gift I give to myself indeed.

I did not give the big day a lot of thought beforehand, but when Ellen asked me the evening before, where and at what time I was born, my mind remembered that I made it into this world early on a Sunday morning.

I took this joyful thought into my sleep meditation that night—and awoke with a dream that was vividly in my mind when I opened my eyes to a new day.

In my dream I found myself surrounded by many people and finding myself attending busily to their different needs. I was cooking, while at the same time looking for something that somebody else had misplaced, and while I was searching—the food burnt. I started to feel stressed, as I did not accomplish anything that way. And while doing all the chores, I kept remembering in the back of my mind that I needed to leave soon for an appointment in town.

Then, somebody put a baby in my arms and asked me to please go and change its diapers. I rushed upstairs and laid the baby on the changing table—and as I looked down at the little being, it smiled and touched my face with such joy and tenderness that all of a sudden I found myself wrapped in joy and bliss and every tension melted away. Time dissolved, and I needed to go nowhere, all I wanted was being in that moment forever. In the reflection of the purity of the baby, I was being born new and it was with this blissful feeling that I woke up to my Birthday—with the greatest Birthday gift I could give to myself, the gift of awareness of what my real self feels like, the awareness that it is ever present in me and that I may claim it any moment I choose.

—Dr Sylvia M Enz