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Serendipity - Summer 2011 Issue

It Is Easy To Follow A Program

Life is confusing and rough when looking at the big picture—but making small pictures of each step in the program, it all becomes so easy.

Children learn easily because they have just one thing at a time to learn and consider. They go and play, they come in for meals, they enjoy story time, they follow the role model their elders give to them and are happy.

The life of a child is not confusing. It is a step at a time, one step at a time, and they are expected to do no more nor certainly any less. For parents to direct the path of their children is a big responsibility since the child eagerly follows what the parent does, what the parent thinks and how the parent stands up for the values they hold dear.

Wise parents establish a program of conduct for themselves and for their children. Wise parents establish a program of conduct for themselves and their children and both parent and child are expected to adhere to the program. The Golden Rule is a simple program. The simpler the program the easier it is for all to follow since there is no alternative to the input and the outcome of the program.

A politician is honored for having a program he intends to fulfill while he is in office. A politician is honored for following the program he promoted to promote himself into office. A politician is honored for standing up to all of the alternatives to his program with knowledge and wisdom, with awareness and confidence, and in so doing he merely reveals that he believes in himself and he believes in his program. If a politician does not support his own program with all his energy he is considered an inept politician, a person who is not a man of his word. His constituents have little faith in him should he act in this faithless way.

A child looking up to his parents and seeking to have them be beyond fault worships his parents. When a parent varies from his convictions, the child is confused. Once and more times, the child loses faith in his parents and at the same time loses faith in himself.

We are told we must become as little children to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Just what does that mean?

It means that the innocence of youth is a purity of conviction. This innocence is one that makes everyone feel good in their heart relative to the “way” and “will” of a child or youth. A child brought up in sincere creditable values respected and followed by his parents does not have to struggle with right and wrong—the child stands forth firmly in the awareness of “what is right” and this is the criteria by which he guides his thinking and his actions. The child does not think about or entertain that which he has learned is unacceptable or “wrong” by his standards. There is no discussion. There is only onepointedness in the values that the child lives by and does in its world and living.

Truly, it is easy to follow a program.

Unfortunately in most families the program of unconditional love and allegiance to honor and truth is assailed not only in the home by the values the parents espouse and truly support. Parents give violent toys to their children and wonder why the children have no worry or concern about real guns playing with pseudo weapons of war. Guns are not toys even what are called toy guns for they intend manipulation and control of others. War devices are not toys. Aggression against one another in “war games” teaches acceptability to mayhem done against another and to many others who are not in your group. Such pandemonium only leads to the acceptability of violence.

As children learn values, as children learn respect for themselves and their family, respect for their community and their world, acts of peace will predominate in all that they think say and do. This is learned in this easy to follow program of universal unconditional love. This universal unconditional love is a reality and is experienced by all royal families who teach their children that they live in their original purity and integrity. Truly, all families are royal families.

The difficulty facing every person—man or child—is who will establish the program, who will set the values—and finally—are these values everlasting?

The values can be everlasting so long as they are teaching the young to be themselves and have fun. What does it mean to be yourself—to do all things that are beneficial to yourself and all in your world. What does it mean to have fun—to delight and experience every activity that is joyful and fulfilling to you.

News, television shows and movies espouse values contrary to our highest good. Many of the movies are graded by a board that determines at what age children should be allowed to watch given movies or given television. Why should the sensitiveness of any being be assailed by that which at any age is unacceptable?

When the program is one of positive thinking, beneficial actions and illumined awareness it never violently attacks the values of any person of any age—male or female—child or adult—sacred or profane.

When a program is practiced in the home, it will be mediated throughout the existence of each individual and practiced in their life. All the days of the child and adult will be nurtured by the high calling of their very best and be delighted in as fun and pleasure at all times.

Can parents be the value center for their family?

They are and can, they do it all of the time. The only problem comes when they waver or yield on their values to fit in with those values of others. Truly the values of others may not been founded on peace and love.

A test for each of us is to look at our family. Is our family a happy family. Are the members of our household harmonious with themselves and the program upon which the ethics of the family are based and are they living up to this code at all times?

If the answer is yes, I can be sure blessings are ours forevermore.

What better reason to have a program easy to follow filled with virtue and love.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle