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Summer 2011

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I Am Young, Vital, Alive


Ingeborg - Summer 2011 Issue

I Am Young, Vital, Alive

I like me and hear a voice whispering from the depth of my consciousness: I am that I am. I am divine order. I am whole and perfect in my ideal body, mind and spirit.

I know I am true to myself. This means that I honor the verbal promises I make to anybody who indeed is a reflection of myself for I am the only one there is in my world. As I believe in the universal allness, I am the onepointed creative force of illumination and all that there is in me, my world and about me.

I am healthy as I do the normal exercises of drawing in and expelling air from the lungs. The lungs are internal organs—two sponge-like breathing structures situated in my chest.

In addition to my lungs, at the center of my body, work a group of producers, which strain supplements from the food I digest. Those perfect supplemental vitamins are recommended for good health and are manufactured by a group of specialized organs implanted in me at birth. Those ingredients are also available on the market although it is my idea that their quality varies from my original production.

Every idea of truth I experience here and now is for me a glorious confirmation of my being the ideal creature I am. I embed this clear view of this kind of awareness into my being.

I am delighted and fascinated as I live on the campus grounds located in the marvelous natural beautiful mountainous surroundings of the Absolute Monastery in Campo. It is an ideal complex costructed in sunny Southern California by dedicated monks. It reveals many secluded breathtaking meditation paths.

The monks prepare for worldwide distribution books published by the University of Healing, the various textbooks, tapes and CDs for the courses available through the correspondence colleges; and the quarterly GIST.

A list of the courses by correspondence, the books and publications appear in every GIST. On the Internet HomePage www.goduni.org are talks, lectures and seminars in English and German just for the asking. Here may be found explained the spiritual truths, which the monks profess.

I believe spirit is without beginning or end.

I also enjoy practicing unconditional love with the monks, friends and visitors looking for the divine within. When I hear from within the desire to love I realize that my whole being and thinking are based on the timeless NOW, for that is divine order.

I have fun in playing with these my thoughts of happiness.

—Dr Ingeborg Puchert