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Albert Enebeli Obi
For This Was I Prepared


Albert Enebeli Obi - Summer 2012 Issue

For This Was I Prepared

By design I find myself on planet Earth aware of who and what I really am. Intrinsically, I know my reality - TO BE. In my inner readiness of my spiritual illumination I create an awareness of what I am. The virtues of my divine birthright are abundance, health, peace, love and harmony. I choose it. I claim it. I live it. I am it.

The following is the dissertation of Albert Enebeli Obi of Nigeria, Africa, submitted to the Board of Regents of the University of Healing. This dissertation culminates his post-graduate work leading to the recognition of Doctor of Metaphysics.

I dearly love the title of my doctoral degree dissertation: For This Was I Prepared. I am unlimited beingness. Every treatment I make is a statement of truth, a new cause. It is a creation of my choice manifested. The University of Healing, dean Dr Herbert L Beierle’s words remind me that creation began in me. Peace begins in me too. UNI proctor Dr. Isle Wenk states that with my charisma I create others, I call it my reflection light. I effectively play different roles, innumerable times daily in my life. Thus, by every thought I think, by every word I speak I actuate the law and bring the results in my world.

One day I awake to look out of my window. I see a rainy overcast sky. My bricklayers are ready to mold blocks for the extension of my fish farm project. My choice is to experience wonderful sunshine in this tropical

Nigerian weather. I speak my word for sunny weather, my cause manifests. It is no astonishment. I am the director in my life game. Indeed it is my game since I am allness in allness as allness I am. In all my affairs I am guided by the indwelling divinity, the infinite intelligence in me. I let god in me be god as me and through me. Little wonder I declare my entire universe is good and very good.

My Human Body Houses Me

The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding, Book 5, page 99, paragraph 1, lines 1 and 2 say:

If god wishes to hide, god would choose man to hide in.

The statement is apt. It is evident that my temple is the glorious abode of god, me. The word ‘hide’ is rather strong. God is the life in everything that is. Man looks everywhere for that which is in him. I am aware and claim that god is right in me. I do not look for him outside for he is within me. I am god. So I am reality, a god being.

I am all attributes and have all qualifications as god. I fulfill the natural law. I claim it. I am it. I live it; more reason that I am the infinite, the ultimate. I am the all. I DWELL IN ME. My body is indeed the perfect image in my mind expressed through my allpower of knowingness which according to Dr Beierle it is composed of air, water and substance that are attributes of allpresence and allknowingness. Air is of vital appearance in my world as it is a symbol of my omnipresence. It reminds me of me being everywhere as is the air.

It is little surprise that the scriptures say: When I create man, I breathe air into him and he becomes a living being.

Wherever I am there god is also completely, in every component of my totality, as is the air. Water is totality pure and omniscient as I am. My onepointed thoughts manifest substance, the evidential expression of my infinite causative beingness.

I often have dreams. I remember clearly a dream where I travel to a quite unfamiliar country. I find myself in a deep valley. The sides are adorned with beautiful flowers. Birds of different sizes and diverse colors perch on them. They enjoy the nectar from the flowers. I watch them joyously. Then there comes a sudden gun shot that frightens the birds leaving only one behind.

I turn and ask it where the other birds have gone. Before it could talk I see a strange unidentified body. I wake panting for my breath. I now realize I am in my body. My body is important for as I am in it I remember the Book of Life, which says: "My mind from within me gets conviction, awareness, knowingness of reality which I am." I recognize it. I claim it. I accept it. I am proud to own this body that houses me.

So I now say:

I live in my eternally perfect body!
I live in my eternally perfect body! So be it!

What I Believe I Practice

I create every circumstance and experience. I know everything that ever has been known or ever will be known. I am god. Nightly I light my candle. The candle is a symbol of eternal light, the light that I am from within. In my white light of love I touch everything and everybody.

Not long I visited my farm of yams and vegetables. I see them growing beautifully - the revelation of my god beingness. The goal of my life is to be aware of my godself. I believe I am creator and on my farm I create marvelous crops. I express outwardly what I know is inwardly true.

I practice what I believe. A family friend comes to me complaining of high fever. I speak to him that wholeness is his god nature. Healing begins in the mind. Just so quickly he recognizes wholeness within. So he returns to his original purity and integrity. He puts new cause in motion relative to his body. He confirms that that location having absolute acceptance then law works. As his own healer, he fills his brain, his thought with wholeness and perfection. Thus, changing the cause to result in new effect to be whole as he is right now.

I love and appreciate being just as I am. I create harmony, love, joy, abundance and happy experiences for my world and myself. Infinite power freely flows through me.

I Live In The Now

I claim my awareness, the consciousness of the allness of life. I live it. As the temple of Egypt was a place of spiritual growth, a place of worship where the mind realizes what it is, so also, my temple is within. I have the opportunity to be. I am aware of my divinity so all I see are men as divine, pure and perfect as I am. I am a master of my world, a master of circumstance and master of all. As I am all god is, I see with spiritual sight. I am the principality of goodness and purity.

The other day I visited an unfamiliar village. I look at the people and smile. I greet them lovingly. Instantly, they return all to me - wonderful. Yes! I am in love and in harmony with all my creation. I ensure that my thought is loving and peaceful, fulfilling and rewarding, joyful and perfect. I condition my thought by love alone. I demonstrate reality. I create such fascinating people in that strange village. It interests me to see all my creation good and very good. I give nothing power over me. I am all power. I control my world even my dreams.

I have a dream where two hefty disguised figures come toward me with spears and daggers. One raised his spear to throw it at me. I snatch it. They take to their heels. I wake to realize it is a dream.

Consistently I know the true source of my power. I turn to my indwelling presence and affirm my desire. My caution is my awareness that I already have it and it is done.

Last night I decided to gather more facts, material for my dissertation. When I got tired I returned to bed. The next morning I woke to find one of my eyes swollen. It is not normal to have such an experience. I know two types of demonstrations and of course they are the result of how I realize my god nature and the degree of my god awareness. The eye illusion is an ugly condition. As a master I take over control in my reality domain. More so, I am truth, the law. I live a positive life. Then I hear a voice within saying: physician heal thyself. It confirms my wholeness of the ugly condition. Again, the voice: Be ye made perfect, even as is your father in heaven. I live the allness of life. I actualize and outpicture the allness I am. The swollen eye returns to being normal.

As an ascended master I live what my god nature encompasses. I need no proof of what I am for I am that I am. I am my thought. I am my proof. I practice what I believe. I see myself complete. I see all my creation whole. My principle is law of cause and effect. Though it is a statement so simple in definition, albeit quite true. I work from within to without, which is, I turn my attention onto my inner perception and do it with objectivity because in my inner, I communicate with the inner in the language of god. I am the microcosm of macrocosm, alpha and omega; totally positive in everything I think, say or do, the test I regularly take.

Illumined I Am

I am spirit knowing myself to be myself, in myself as myself being myself completely and totally one with myself knowing only unity with myself. My light as the master creator illumines my creation. The radiance will grow and glow more radiantly as I am illumined. I assess all by my own perfection and find all are perfect.

I judge all by my right action and find all working in harmony with the purity of the universe. I recognize each is beautiful, whole, fulfilled, joyous, wealthy, successful, revealed as the master I am. Everybody is a master. I care about all as they are, for MY WORLD IS ALWAYS PERFECT AND GOOD.

I fall into conversation with an old friend of the same calling named Paul. He says, "I observe you. I see changes in you."

I thank him for his compliments. When I ask him to elaborate, he says it should be another time. Then I tell him. There is no time. There is no space. All is now and now is all that there is. Again, no yesterday, no tomorrow, not even today. There is neither past nor future, only the present moment of now that seems to move but doesn’t, I assure him. He reiterates saying he will have to go to prepare his child for the post JAM Examination. I ask if the child is eager for admission. He says in the affirmative. I tell him to see the child being cheered as it has succeeded. He approves. He later comes to confirm the child’s admission. Really the answer to any question lies in the question well asked. Use that answer as the foundation for your positive prayer confirmation as already accomplished. It is accomplished. As a master I include in my treatment all my beloveds. My prayer is of love. All are gathered in my pure white light of love. I put new cause in motion for my world and myself. The change is dramatic, dynamic and immediate. I AM A MASTER.

Ascended Master - Who - I Am

My middle name is Enebeli which means: "Live long to experience better now - endurance - being satisfied and contented in life."

From youth I become a role model, keeping everything right and doing all things well to accomplish unconsciously the meaning of the name. Unconsciously too, in my early years, I was really manifesting who I am. I was and still express my godself, my beingness. Now I see my entire world perfect, my every action perfect. I understand ME, me being revealed and fulfilling. What wholly I do myself is to consistently control and activate the desires of my thoughts. I understand me. I create me to reveal the purpose as I design it for myself. My little daughter, Chigozie, a junior secondary three, desperately wanted to pass mathematics that she calls a witch. Early that morning of the examination, I light a candle and look at it for some moments. I sing the Indian Mantra-Om and in onepointedness say my word.

She now passes and credits the subject.

I am pure spirit, the expression of a divine idea. I know I can proudly say to myself with confidence that I am god, god I am. My radiating center of my god nature is love I am now reveal my good. I flow with understanding and harmony. I always am careful with what I think to outpicture from within to experience only that that I think.

A fellow member of my council of chiefs disrespected and abused me unjustly and tried to fight me calling me a woman, all I say is, and "I am the only woman amongst us."

Others quiet him down. He could not admit his fault. Before the next meeting he telephoned to ask if I could welcome him back. I replied to tell him that my door is open to everybody BUT if he is coming, he should come with someone. About 5:30 pm he came with a friend. As he entered his face showed penitence. He bowed in apology. The reconciliation was effected by that singular act. I always think peace. My being is a center of infinite joy. I understand now I am infinite. I am love and I express my beingness every moment of everyday.

The effect from the cause I put into motion is writing my dissertation. I do it with joy. I live my life on my earth plane in my pure god consciousness. Living in god consciousness I treat everything perfect, for, I see everything and everyone perfect. I am. That has being and is my remarkable dream, come true.

As Within So Without

I am oneness as all life. I am everything and in love as everything for everything is love I am. I reflect the one mind in which I am one with all I am, however, being conscious of being all and nothing. And as a master I transcend the appearance and live entirely in the world of reality, the world of eternity, the world of total perfection. As within so without, invariably, through my inner unconsciousness of who I am as both the creator and created within my world, I experience being at peace as myself. Much wonder I call forth the reality, which exists as me and through me. I see only that which is absolutely beautiful, pure, perfect, positive, divine and lovely for this is the absolute truth; call it truism of my very existence, my very being.

I return in awareness to my pure essence of all beingness, allness, oneness, nothingness and isness I am. My joy in carrying responsibility is beyond measure. It is the bliss the Hindu seeks, it is the heaven the Christian desires most heartily, it is the ultimate reality which I am as that heaven is within me. I do ensure nondomestic recital of intellectual truisms, for, as a master and practitioner, I apply simple principle of speaking the truth about my world, and myself which really is the metaphysical essence of my being.

Recently, robberies become rampant in the town, the headquarters of my local government nay the country at large. There was an operation close to my compound by about 12:30 am I sat in absolute silence in meditation. I say my word. What I hear is a gunshot far away. A neighbour comes out and shouts: "They have left our street!" The few whose doors were broken found nothing removed. From my lecture experience I think my thought and speak my word for a given manifestation. Thus, consciously I apply the principle because I practice it and the more I practice, the more habitual it is. The principle is at my fingertips. In my early reception of lectures from the UNI teachings, what interests me so much is the affirmation of truth, "I know that I know that I know, god in me is the answer," meaning as I understand it, that god and my conception and awareness of my omniscience are me as anything else. This omniscience, which really is in me and through me, is everything.

At this moment on my chosen path I am aware of my divine omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience. I use positive thoughts and visualizations. I claim what I am by saying my affirmations loud and clear, "I LIKE ME! I am whole and perfect. I am that I am."

On leaving the lecture room, my car key was nowhere to be found. It is getting late into the night. After searching to no avail, I meditate, say my word, I know god in me is the answer. Turning to my left, I see the key on the grass lawn. I claim I live in a world of everywhere present energy, in, as and around me. The energy is god I am. I am that unlimitlessness. I do anything as the great master Jesus who said, you can do anything I do and even greater things I do it onepointed with the power of my thought – wow! This is so, for, I am created as an idea out of the infinite consciousness, an idea already revealed in the allness. I am aware of what that allness, isness is. Thus I love myself and have fun all of the time.

Now I outpicture in my daily life in my total being that which I always was, am and will be, god! As true master I claim having truly created this fabulous world, filled with fabulous people, places and things. I progressively move higher as I claim the awareness of my true nature, a totally master over my world and myself as I manifest my ascended master hood.

Conclusively, I can say with illumined Christ as he was about to ascend, Father, Father for this was I prepared. Smile.