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Summer 2012

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UNI DEAN DR BEIERLE enjoys a few moments at the beach.

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It Is All Up To Me

All Is In Divine Order
I Am In Love With A Kangaroo Rat

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Albert Enebeli Obi
For This Was I Prepared


All Is In Divine Order - Summer 2012 Issue

I Am In Love With A Kangaroo Rat

I am hurrying passed our indoor Swimex pool which is empty of water at present.

Something unusual catches my eye. What is that? I stop in mid air and look into the big empty pool basin.

I see a kangaroo rat sitting in the middle of the pool. She is looking rather lost as though she has spent the whole night in it unable to get out.

I walk down the stairs to the bottom of the pool with a big towel in my hands.

"Oh dear, you do look a bit ruffled." I whisper while studying her rather wild appearance. She shyly turns her head away as though she is uncomfortably aware of her untidy appearance.

"Now lovely, relax, I pick you up and get you outdoors where you belong," I quietly murmur to the little lady.

I throw my towel gently over her to pick her up - ever so carefully. I have a frank respect for creatures with big teeth. She pokes her nose out of her wrapping and sniffles me.

I realize that she is not at all scared. She knows I am her taxi to freedom.

I place her on the passenger seat and startup the Ranger pickup truck. I ask myself, "Where to now? AHHH, the pond, I am sure you are thirsty."

At the pond I put my precious package down next to a water puddle. I lift off the towel. Until now I did not dare touch the wee lady.

She just sits there for quite a while completely still. I decide to encourage her to have a drink.

Cautiously I take my finger and push her closer to the puddle. Now she sits right in front of the water yet still she is not moving.

"I know you are thirsty, why don’t you drink?" I ask her. I stroke her neck gingerly.

Eventually I simply pick her up on the back of her neck and sit her right in the middle of the puddle.

First she is startled and gets on her tiptoes. Then she relaxes with a sigh. She wrinkles her nose, sniffles the water and happily takes a big sip with great gusto and even greater noise. Who would have thought, that such a tiny animal could make such noises. Giggle!

She straightens up after she is satisfied and gives me a quick glance. I am kneeling in the puddle right beside her. I am so close I can see the water droplets caught on her whiskers. With a dainty gesture she lifts her forepaws and gets about the business to clean her face and straighten out her looks. Without any rush, she tidies her eyebrows, one after the other. She dips her forepaws into the water and then she runs them through her fur. Diligently she dries the water droplets off every single whisker.

You may say I am imagining things, yet I am sure, I saw her even having a quick look at herself in the water. Pleased with what she saw, she faces me expectantly.

Oh I see I am not a taxi anymore, right? I have turned into a limousine.

"Well then, I am delighted to be your limousine. Where to now little lady?" I ask her softly.

I look around. A beautiful area under a big old oak tree catches my eye.

"Does that suit you?" I ask, knowing she’ll agree.

I pick her up, holding her with just two fingers on the back of her neck. She instantly goes into a fetal position, curling up to a fluffy relaxed ball of fur. I carry her over to the tree.

She is light as a feather.

In the shade of the oak tree I put her down. The grass is high and green providing plenty of comfort and food.

I sense that she is pleased with my choice. I watch her leisurely disappear into the high grass.

I never had the privilege to meet a kangaroo rat or even be closely acquainted to one. What a precious moment this is for me.

I have just fallen in love with a kangaroo rat. Have you ever seen or even personally met a kangaroo rat? They really do look a bit like kangaroos, only that they are much, much smaller.

Love comes in all sizes.

I am in love with a kangaroo rat.

 - Anita Lopp