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Summer 2012

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UNI DEAN DR BEIERLE enjoys a few moments at the beach.

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God's Pocket - Summer 2012 Issue

Time To Wake Up

EllenI was driving in El Cajon after a rainstorm. The pavement was wet yet at intersection to a dirt road the sun had already started to dry the surface. It was a quiet area with almost no traffic.

I looked down as I waited at the stop sign and saw a young boy sitting beside the road. In front of him was a tiny stream of water at the edge of the road. There was a group of ants lined up on both sides of the stream. They wanted to cross over but the water stopped them.

The youngster thought for a long moment, then he looked around and found a branch just long enough to bridge the stream. He placed the twig lovingly over the waterway. He put one end of the bough where the ants were on one side of the water and the other on the opposite side of the rivulet.

He sat patiently watching how the ants might use his overpass. It was only a moment - but it seemed an eternity. One ant courageously walked out onto the twig, hesitatingly looking at the possibilities. Then it walked across the limb.

Finding the other side, the ant turned around and went back to “tell” the other ants it was a safe passage. Soon an entire stream of ants flowed over the bridge over the water. All moved trustingly neither looking right nor left, but confidently moving straight ahead across the bridge.

At this moment, the youngster stood up, smiled at the ants and with a salute of his hand wished them well and went on his way, fête accompli.

It was a fleeting moment. The boy and the ants are something to think about and never forget. When you have control over your life and actions through your thoughts, you have control over your life. They were moments I live forever.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle