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Summer 2012

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UNI DEAN DR BEIERLE enjoys a few moments at the beach.

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Moments Forever

Healing Treatment Works

EJ Shares
It Is All Up To Me

All Is In Divine Order
I Am In Love With A Kangaroo Rat

Practitioner Letter
With A Smile I Can Withstand All

Albert Enebeli Obi
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EJ Shares - Summer 2012 Issue

It Is All Up To Me

EllenHow easy it is to blame any condition - especially negative circumstances - on outer effects or even on god, the loving creator for the experiences in my life. It seems to take off my burden of being responsible for my life experiences.

I say - it seems so! Though I know better!

I can play any game that I like here on Earth and if the game is totally to MY satisfaction - I can be sure that I am being myself and having fun. I am expressing the divine power, which Jesus emphasized so strongly:

What I have done you can do to and even greater things.

The kingdom of god is within.

A summer night at the cactus garden of the University of Healing in Campo, California.

It is done unto you according to your belief, your thought.

I have been educated in the Catholic Church. I fearfully followed their rules in order to be free of the crucial fires of hell. With great eagerness I searched for a loving god that I also was taught, but it was taken away by the many constraints the church shared.

My search for god, for the truth, went on and on until I found the University of Healing where onepointed thinking was the clue for any and every result in my life.

The "outer god" faded into an inner god, in being ME, responsible for my life regardless of what happened. All is done according to MY belief. Yes, it is all up to me and that means I AM RESPONSIBLE for all my happenings and there is nothing or anyone else to blame. It is tough but it gives me every chance to be aware of who and what I am - and that I CREATE MY WORLD ACCORDING TO MY THOUGHT, MY ATTITUDE.

The sky of the University of Healing welcomes the angels of the sun shining over its mountain fastness in Southern California gently cooling the Campus of the Absolute Monastery for its meditation retreat masters.

I would like to think that everyone on Earth knows this principle and lives accordingly. However, the fact it is largely washed away in the media and by limited teachings. It is much easier to put everything on the shoulders of Jesus who saved us from our sins hence we do not have sins anymore and are ideal divine beings. Would I but believe that, smile, smile, smile!

I have learned that GOD is unlimited and yet I want to limit GOD by accepting its limitedness to some degree. God is all there is. For this reason I say: I AM GOD. I am the creator of MY life. I take charge of my life NOW saying: I LIKE ME, I am divine, I am a super being, I enjoy paradise because I AM PARADISE. I speak my word of power and live my original purity and integrity.

Stairway to the heavenly pool of the Absolute Monastery.

It is actually easy as I stand up for ME, forgetting the preferences others expect from me, what THEY want! I dance in step to my inner music, to my happy divine rhythm.

If I were to write a book, I would write the book for MY enjoyment, for what I like to hear, what I like to read. It is MY life and I must be true to myself ALONE for I live for and with me in eternally.

I know the truth. I speak the truth. I claim the truth. I accept it NOW as DONE!

It is always up to me alone.

 - Dr Ellen Jermini