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Summer 2012

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With A Smile I Can Withstand All

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Practitioner Letter - Summer 2012 Issue

With A Smile I Can Withstand All

It is easy to walk the spiritual path of healing when you do not have a problem.

As in all ways of life when sailing is going well I think that life is beautiful and I think I am able to handle all of the circumstances in life easily. However, just let a little problem slap me in the face and I crumble under its blow as though a feather had brushed across my face. When I am not strong in my spiritual confidence in myself, I am unable to find the brighter side of life. When I am strong in my inner confidence I am able to walk into any storm and come out victorious.

This is what all of us would like to say about ourselves.

This is what all of us would like to be able to do when the challenges of living take their toll of happiness and wholeness in our daily living.

When I have a smile on my face and in my heart I can withstand any weather and come up with that smile on my face and am undaunted by the difficulty.

To smile does not mean to make light of something or to denigrate the experience, rather to smile puts everything in perspective and lessens the intensity of happening so that I am always in charge. Truly, people do not know when I am in pain, it is only when I grimace and let them know it is all not a bed of roses. Once I turn on a smile, everyone thinks my life is smooth and their positive attitude about who and what I am is what I then realize within myself.

I am going to go through life happy or sad. I am going to go through experiences either one way or another, I may as well live it alone and have everyone think that I am content and fulfilled. In this way I will more easily see through experiences and they need not be permanent or a downer. Just as soon as I forget the problem, just as soon as I see the light at the end of the tunnel, so soon will my negative feelings end and my positive joyous uplifting feelings take hold and be my only reality.

As I am "born" with a smile on my face this is all that my world expects of me and this is all that I know and experience.

With a smile I can withstand all—and nothing else matters. I am healthy happy and fulfilled with a smile on my face, it is a principle that works!

This is the type of response all who contact the Worldwide Healing Ministry at 1.619.478.5111 and in talking to a practitioner learn to build up confidence and love under all circumstances. Everyone is free to make the call today.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle