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Winter 2013

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My First Thought

Believe In Yourself

EJ Shares
The Other Side Of Heaven

Rev Mark H Beierle
A Lesson For Bugsy And Me

All Is In Divine Order
Hurrah! It is raining

All Is In Divine Order
Soap Bubbles

Sylvia M Enz
Practice Principle

Practitioner Letter
Thinking Together


All Is In Divine Order - Winter 2013 Issue

Hurrah! It is raining

Anita Lopp


The year is heading way into autumn. The sky is hanging low while magically touching the trees and fruits and colors them all beautifully. Did you know that the gentle touch of the early morning mist makes the fruits and leaves on the trees color so dramatically, well there you go.

Anyway, today it is not only misty; it is actually poring with rain. I watch the weather impatiently from my window at home. I am meant to go to work at the orchard. There are two huge containers of big pumpkins waiting to be washed and brushed so they can be stored. We picked the pumpkins in the field a few days ago.

My boss and I agreed that I only come to work when the rain eases. Otherwise I get soaked in the process of washing the pumpkins, for the work is to be done outdoors.

Here I am, watching the raindrops heavily falling to the ground.  I would love to complete the pumpkin job. It takes a couple of hours of loving attention and it is done. I look out the window again and I see a lady walking by our home without her umbrella up. Yeah, that is it, it stopped raining! Quickly I get dressed in my work-gear, jump into my gumboots and run to the bus station. Fifteen minutes later I cross the farmyard. I march towards my boss and his wife. They stare at me in disbelieve. "We certainly didn’t expect you here, Anita."

All I can do is laugh from the bottom of my heart. You see, in the mean time it had started to rain again rather heavily. I make an attempt to explain that it had stopped raining up on the hill where I live. Then I realize that I try desperately to save myself from looking like a fool, so I simply say: "I am going to do it now."

My boss helps me to get all the tools into place with a big silent grin on his face then he disappears to do his delivery jobs.

It is time to get myself ready. I exchange my own gumboots for a much bigger pair. I dress in rubber duck yellow rain pants and the army raincoat of my workmate. I put a black wide rimed hat on. Adventure, here I come.

I add a full bucket of hot water to the water in the washtub. Carefully I pick up one pumpkin after the other to lovingly brush and wash it in the tub. My hands enjoy the warm water. The rain dances it’s merry autumn dance around me, jumping of my coat onto the pumpkins, playfully helping me wash the pumpkins.

I sing to my hearts delight. This is fun.

I am steaming warm under my rain armor.

Hurrah, it is raining!

In no time at all, I stand in front of two huge boxes filled with colorful sparkling clean pumpkins.

I am happy and content.

Just about when I am ready to go home, my boss and his wife return from running their errands.

"Anita, would you like to have lunch with us?"

Guess what we enjoy for lunch? We have homemade pumpkin lasagna.

This is the perfect finish to a lovely rainy pumpkin day.

- Anita Lopp