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Winter 2013

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God's Pocket
My First Thought

Believe In Yourself

EJ Shares
The Other Side Of Heaven

Rev Mark H Beierle
A Lesson For Bugsy And Me

All Is In Divine Order
Hurrah! It is raining

All Is In Divine Order
Soap Bubbles

Sylvia M Enz
Practice Principle

Practitioner Letter
Thinking Together


God's Pocket - Winter 2013 Issue

My First Thought

Dr Herbert L Beirle


Thinking my first thought is one of the most usual things that I do - however I am not consciously aware that I am thinking my first thought and therefore my first thought is lost as my first thought and is then one of the run-of-the-mill thoughts.

I get the greatest benefit from my thoughts by consciously thinking my first thought and in the process I live a divinely programed life. The first thought is the leader of the "pack" of my thoughts and is the dominant one and the one, which secures the most power in the parade of ideas through my brain.

Should I ever wonder why certain things happen in my life, I can readily know that I have not been in charge of my thought structure. I have allowed my random thoughts to take possession, take control of my thinking time and so they have taken over the direction of my thought. I have done this purposely. I have done this not thoughtlessly but very definitely as I have given up charge of my thinking system.

Should I desire to establish thoughts in any direction in my thinking I can do it by taking charge of my thinking every morning. As I wake up I say to myself:

I choose positive thoughts today and put them in control of how I will live.

Doing this every morning for one week I will see outstanding results in my life. Consistency brings effects now.

This is a technique proven effective in scientific studies over the years.

—Dr Herbert L Beierle