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Winter 2013

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God's Pocket
My First Thought

Believe In Yourself

EJ Shares
The Other Side Of Heaven

Rev Mark H Beierle
A Lesson For Bugsy And Me

All Is In Divine Order
Hurrah! It is raining

All Is In Divine Order
Soap Bubbles

Sylvia M Enz
Practice Principle

Practitioner Letter
Thinking Together


Sylvia M Enz - Winter 2013 Issue

Practice Principle

Sylvia M Enz


My friend Jenny had almost finished her cup of coffee when I joined her in our favorite downtown café. "Did you remember to bring the DVD you wanted me to watch," she asked eagerly as I sat down across from her.

I looked at her with an apologetic smile. Sorry, forgot it again! Just this morning I told myself that I cannot forget to bring Jenny the DVD - and still I did!

"It’s because you concentrated on ‘forget’ she reminded me. That’s simply principle!" and added sheepishly. "You just need to practice principle!"

OK, since you are the smart one, how do I, how do YOU practice principle, since principle is a given, eternally unchangeable ‘principle’?

"Well, you are right naturally," Jenny admitted, "I really cannot practice principle, but I can practice how I use and apply principle in my life, you know in the sense of As I think in my heart, so am I. What I believe about myself reveals itself as a reality in my world. What I think about I experience.

"And since you want an example -

"Yesterday I went to town to run a few errands. I wore my hanging pearl earrings. When I came home that evening I saw that one was missing. In my mind I recalled all the places and stores I had visited and the many parking lots I had crossed on foot.

"Reluctantly I said to myself in the mirror, there is no way I will find it again. Then, as I saw the frown on my face: I corrected myself immediately.

"I have this earring now!

"Since I had to go to town again today, I kept the thought in my mind that my earring appears harmoniously. Then, as I was driving up Broadway, I noticed that the orange ‘check engine’ light had come on. Instantly my heart beat faster as I was imagining a big repair bill for which I certainly was not ready to experience. An instant later I recognized the foolishness of my angst and repeated to myself: All is in divine order. All is in divine order! I stopped at the next garage and was told that the computer diagnostics say that it is a problem with the fuel door - which was not closed properly at one time. Ha, that felt good.

"Starbucks, which was one of my many stops yesterday, was just a block away. As I ordered a tea, I asked if they had found an earring. The clerk opened a drawer, ‘Is it this one?’  I shook my head in disappointment just when another lady approached, asking me to describe it to her. She then went on to open another drawer at the other end of the counter and held up an earring. Yes, I said, all smiles, that is it!"

Wow, Jenny, I am impressed. It is great to be reminded that thoughts are really things and that I can anytime think a different thought, change my attitude, my expectation, my belief - and have a different result!

I lifted my coffee cup for a toast; here is to practicing principle - and to you my friend, a living example of her philosophy!

- Sylvia M Enz