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Winter 2013

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Believe In Yourself

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All Is In Divine Order
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Practitioner Letter
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Serendipity - Winter 2013 Issue

Believe In Yourself

Dr Herbert L Beirle


The only thing I can believe in is myself.

Believe it or not, everyone in the world is totally in charge of believing in themselves and achieving the goals of their hearts using onepointedness.

From birth we have been trained to believe in ourselves and to depend upon ourselves for every need we have ever had. This is not to minimize our parents, family and community. It is rather a realization that we have always known we are Number One and that we bring to us every desire of our heart by our expectations and our actions.

Though this may sound strange for a newborn baby, and for a child growing up in its home and community, this is a fact and observation as any one of us may prove it is true.

Interesting how some children are upset while their siblings are peaceful and reap the benefits of their unexplained selfconfidence. Nonetheless, this inner selfconfidence is born of a secret attitude that humanity has been unable to put a finger on - but it is obviously and definitely there. This is not something inborn from their parents. For one child has it and others do not. Others seemingly suffer under the lack of selfawareness, which is so important to expressing genius and talent, even skill. Interestingly enough, too, is that fact that every child has within them genius and one day their genius will blossom - however, not now in their childhood.

Can a child’s family inspire, encourage, endorse and enthuse the child to believe in themselves?

Can a child’s world so challenge and motivate it to believe that any dream it may have already lies fulfilled within them and will be achieved?

We know that, while we may not inspire specifics, we can illumine the general concept of thinking broadly, thinking and training us in the use of our imagination, thinking our wildest dreams and delight in these dreams as a possible reality.

In some families it is done. Families where both parents are brilliant, it is assumed that the children will shine out genius too. Not always, but most of the time. In some families where the parents are average the children soar into the reaches of magical prodigy beyond the fondest dream of parent or child. Fact, genius dwells in every human being lifelong.

Family, peers, siblings, mentors, one or all can inspire children to reach out to release the dreams bundled up within them.

Strangely and interestingly the richness of genius shines forth from a depth within the individual even without encouragement. We are seldom aware of the belief people have within themselves. When people tend to be themselves and have fun with their life, magic floods forth in everything they do.

Oh how wonderful it would be if infants, children and others were taught to believe in themselves. It is seldom taught because elders and teachers were not themselves taught such awareness. The simplest psychology tells us that we are what we spend most of our thought upon. As we think in our heart so are we. All is done through us according to what we believe. The better we know ourselves, the more we believe our dreams are our accomplishments now. Whereas before we did not bother to believe in ourselves, we did not trust that our dreams had validity about them, now we are ready to step forth into the magic of following our dreams as we allow ourselves to dream.

The greatest gift ever given and ever received is the awareness of a belief in oneself.

How great this is!

—Dr Herbert L Beierle