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Summer 2013

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Love is the Great Law Itself

A lover is a builder!

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Being Human Is Tough, Being Divine Is Easy

All Is In Divine Order
A Wake-Up-Shaker

An Easy Five Bucks

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All Is In Divine Order - Summer 2013 Issue

A Wake-Up-Shaker


I have recently acquired a new life position. I am now a pack-leader.

Anita with Baldur and Stella.

One member of the pack I know since many years and the two of us have happily established our positions. Baldur is my sister Rita’s dog. He is my god-dog. He is a gentle lover and respects me full heartedly.

Since a few weeks we have a new family member. Her name is Stella-for star. She asked for a light shining name that reflects her inside.

Stella is a smallish puppy of about one year. She has the most cuddly golden coat and big brown loving eyes. She melted my heart the moment we brought her home from the SPCA, a dream come true. Ipso facto, for the first two weeks I cuddled her to pieces. Mind you, we still established rules. I have watched a great deal of the dog whisperer’s, Cesar Milan and Martin Rueter’s, on video’s. I also live with a natural pack-leader, my sister Rita.

Stella on pier.

Our basic rules at home are:

The dogs always sit down and wait before leaving the house and they step out after us. This way it is clear who leads the walk and they leave the house relaxed.

They sit and wait for their food. When we eat they sit in their day bed etc.

We are disciplined and I am happy. Gosh, after all, it is pretty easy being a pack-leader.

One day we decide to go a step further and join the puppy school. Since Rita works the morning the school begins, I get the privilege to attend with Stella. I realize very smartly that there is a lot to reveal, being a pack-leader and most certainly I can improve my leadership.

Our teacher tells me, to observe Stella and let her open up to herself which she is not fully showing yet.

I observe a lot. I observe so much that I almost forget about speaking my word for her and me; all is in divine order.

While doing our homework, which are simple exercises like following a lead, Stella explodes! I am taken by surprise and unsure what to do. I “try” different things like Cesar’s two finger technique to match her reaction. In the course of practicing this, I get bitten. Wow!

A piece brakes off my pack-leader crown, which I had put on so quickly. It is replaced by a big question marc wrapped in a haze of insecurity.

Next time I talk to the teacher about this situation she answers: Celebrate her rebellion, it means she is waking up and thinking, yet match her power instantly.

O.K., I can do that. I go home after our second lesson and the very same day Stella and I have another adventure. I match her power. The situation grows big to the point where Stella is totally exhausted and so am I. I observe myself in the midst of all this confusion and realize how little I enjoy this situation. I also realize how insecure and unbalanced I feel in this moment.

This is my wake up call. A pack-leader is a secure and balanced being. How else can Stella find balance and security, which she is looking for in me? At this moment I wake up and stand back to look inside myself.

Now, I treat for me: I like me. All is in divine order. I am balance. I am the ideal pack-leader. Now MYtraining has begun.

Smile, Rita and I create a Wake-Up-Shaker. It is a small pet bottle with a few screws in it. The idea is to use the Wake-Up-Shaker the moment an old or unbeneficial idea creeps up. A light growl or actually a slight lift of the upper lip on Stella’s side is enough reflection and off goes the Wake-Up-Shaker.

The shaker instantly reminds me to be a calm assertive pack-leader.

The shaker snaps Stella into the now, instantly old habits are dropped and she is free to be her loving, relaxed self.

There is no need to match power anymore. All it takes is to wake up to our true nature.

I choose to be the ideal pack-leader, a happy pack-leader, at peace with myself.

Stella chooses to be her ideal puppy self.

Since I made my choice, magic is happening. Stella is blooming and so am I as her fertilizer. The cool thing is; in our new program emotions stay out of the way. Guilt, feeling sorry and anger are anyway only passing emotions. Calmness and love are stable. It works, smile.

Every shake is now leading into a counted blessing. Every single positive action is highly praised. That is what we concentrate on.

We still snuggle yet at the right time. We listen to one another to fulfill both our highest and best.

Instead of wearing a pack-leader’s crown, I now truly love a dog by supporting her in being herself and live happy and relaxed in my world.

Today we are visiting the vet the first time. Rita, Baldur and I stand right next to the table. Stella gets thoroughly examined. A helper holds on to her. At one stage when the doctor pushes a needle into Stella’s leg, she lifts her upper lip showing her teeth and her body gets stiff. I realize that at the same time her eyes are searching for something. I call her name. Her eyes find mine. A quiet yet firm, bscht, from my side and she relaxes and lets out a deep breath. All is in divine order Stella. Every time she stands relaxed and gives into the doctors handling she gets delighted praise from our side. Stella leaves the doctors office relaxed with a yummy cookie in her mouth and mighty pleased with herself. And we leave with a big grin on our faces, thankful and happy that we are two pack-leaders with two happy dogs.

The apprentice has turned into a balanced, happy pack-leader. Stella is shining. It is lovely to have such a light in my world.

It is so vital to use the Wake-Up-Shaker instantly, right when the slightest shadow of something unbeneficial creeps up. This is the precious moment when I take charge and I think, speak and act supporting the divine truth in me and Stella.

The truth is: we are as one: love, harmony, balance, peace, life joy and happiness or in short - divine order.

- Anita Lopp