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Summer 2013

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Practitioner Letter
Practitioner Heal Thyself


Practitioner Letter - Summer 2013 Issue

Practitioner Heal Thyself

Dr Herbert L Beirle


The Worldwide Wholeness Ministry of the University of Healing and the Church of God Unlimited in Campo California, span the globe meeting the requests of thousands of people around the world with words of wholeness love recognizing the truth about themselves.

Because of the large number of requests for healing treatment, the healing ministry directs callers and writers to the Thought for Today www.university-of-healing.edu HomePage of the University of Healing. The talks appearing everyday on the Internet webpage of the UNI and the Worldwide Wholeness Ministry reveal a technique for getting our act together to experience wholeness in our bodies, wholeness in our relationships and wholeness in our world. Simple everyday responses on being a human being and yet being aware of our divinity are stressed in each talk.

This allows each person to enter into the concept of wholeness for themselves and for their personal world. The terms are easy.

The wholeness philosophy is universal. All cultures, all religions and all peoples find the talks meaningful, uplifting and fulfilling.

UNI practitioners live from the divine within themselves. UNI practitioners see each being with whom they treat as already whole and perfect NOW. There is no outer work to be done.

UNI practitioners heal themselves first. Each looks into their own heart and mind, their own body, their own life FIRST before they can counsel and bless another. Should a practitioner be the least bit confused within themselves, their counsel is invalid in guiding the individual to heal themselves. Every practitioner trained in the Worldwide Wholeness Ministry knows this and follows this practice in themselves and everyone else in the world.

Historically physicians are told: PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF. We know this is what each of us as practitioners does: First Heal Ourself. If we are not aware that all is in divine order, if we are not aware that all is perfect now, if we are not aware that the divine in ourselves and in all creation is whole and perfect now—we are inadequate practitioners.

A person appeals to the practitioner to work with them to achieve the desire of their heart. So the practitioner says to the person: What is the desire of your heart? The individual tells the practitioner what IS its perfect life, what IS the desire of its heart, what IS the truth about them they want to reveal!

When this awareness is fulfilled, the practitioner has in their mind and thought the desire of the person in a unique way. In a very special onepointed term the practitioner sees it done.

Worldwide the teachings of UNI practitioners are practiced . This is a universal philosophy taught in all cultures, as basic as life itself. For wholeness is the essence of all humanity, wholeness is that which all is and all are now and forevermore. It is not a TO BE circumstance. It is DONE now. Ours is to be aware that it is done. Ours is to be aware that the desires of our heart are based on our reality. They are the reflection of what already exists. We as practitioners train ourselves to be aware of this truth and see it revealed. A practitioner recognizes it is already done and enjoys it as our everpresent reality.

The practitioner has no trouble seeing this fulfilled. The practitioner trains each person coming to them to see it done too. Should an individual want to see it done, want to see it fulfilled in their life, want to enjoy it now, then the practitioner trains the individual in the awareness of the desire fulfilled now.

To train awareness is a simple task as the practitioner realizes the candidate for awareness already KNOWS this awareness and enjoys it now. There is no TO BE there is only now IS.

Naturally this is the consciousness that the practitioner has in itself one hundred percent. Since the practitioner has this completely and perfectly, there is nothing more to be done.

All Worldwide Wholeness Ministry practitioners are steeped in this teaching and practice it for themselves and everyone in the universe. Happily, this is why Worldwide Wholeness Ministry practitioners are so successful in their treatment work.

—Dr Herbert L Beierle