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Summer 2013

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Love is the Great Law Itself

A lover is a builder!

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Being Human Is Tough, Being Divine Is Easy

All Is In Divine Order
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God's Pocket - Summer 2013 Issue

Love is the Great Law Itself


Dr Herbert L BeirleDr Herbert L Beierle

No matter what I do, no matter how much I love, no matter what the circumstances are: Love is the great Law itself!

I look about me in the world and I see activity, I see joyous experiences, I see everyone sharing their highest and best with one another all of the time, regardless of the incident, always giving their unconditional love to themselves first and then to their neighbor, their family and their friends. This happens because I go first to the great Law of Love within myself and it is then reflected back to me abundantly and everlastingly.

Interestingly the LAW does not need LOVE to carry out its precepts and LOVE does not need the LAW through which to express in the lives of everyone in the universe.

The law, the principle, god define love as the quintessence, the substance, the soul, the spirit kernel in which all abide.

As I live in the awareness of this infinite love, this infinite principle, the infinite law – I dwell of the fulfillment of why I exist on planet Earth. Why I exist at all.

I exist as love fulfilled in law. I exist in law to shine unconditional love. So simple, yet so profound. So wonderful yet so simple.

—Dr Herbert L Beierle