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A lover is a builder!

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Serendipity - Summer 2013 Issue

A lover is a builder!

Dr Herbert L Beirle


One who loves is a builder for eternity.

Just looking at an object, falling in love with the object, admiring the object is to give it your vibrations, which enhance the object into eternity. I can look at something and feel that it is a reflection of something good, I feel its vibrations and inspiration and it makes me want to lovingly hold it in my thought with its feelings of immortality. This is just the way I am constructed, just the way I am built, the kind of builder I am—and everyone in the universe is designed and lives.

All existence reveals itself as a vibration. All vibrations reveal themselves as matter, as feelings, as illusions and as color-music-sound that eternally echoes through the timelessness and spacelessness of all for all life, not just humans, to respond to its presence.

A lover is a builder, creating and revealing the allness as the isness for all to totally delight in and experience it. Most of the time humanity is unaware of all that is. Being unaware does not mean that the all is not there, it only means the all is waiting for humanity to recognize that it is there for humanity to enjoy. Humanity knows only the first step, the greatest step is the divinity of all, transcending what humanity with its senses knows, revealing an allness that humanity can only know as it, with its unconditional love, enfolds as the allness. The allness is only known by its loving nature through its divine self, living in touch with its inner bliss.

You and I are lovers, you and I are builders of eternity right here and now with every thought we think, with every concept to know and then reveal as we think about it.

I do not have to be a sculptor to sculpt a statue. I take the soft clay in my hands and pulsate it as I would dough while making a loaf of bread. The clay is far more malleable than dough and the bread is preconceived. The clay lends itself to the vibrations and pulsations of my fingers to let its texture roll over my fingers. I may not be aware that my fingers are pulsating the energy of my mind and body into the clay and the clay in turn reveals what is going on in the vibrations of my being. In this way I am building the physical material with the mental material of my mind into something, which expresses my awareness of the universal love, which I am.

I am a love building my thought to reveal the allness in my mind into the eternal magic of who and what I am. As I model the clay out comes the eternal love, the enchantment in me of the isness and allness that are always there and always waiting to be revealed as an object for all to behold.

As a builder of eternity I open my inner reaches of my being to let flow the objects of my delight. As a sculptor my objectivity is limitless. I can sculpt a car, a house, a man, a flower, a scene any object whatsoever. I reveal whatever is in my thinking and it is made manifest as a representation of my desire.

I can go further. I can not only sculpt the automobile, I can produce the actual automobile with actual auto parts to make it a functioning full sized vehicle that will carry out “its purpose” to its highest degree. I take the “parts” of my sculpted auto and make copies of it on a copy machine and produce the physical parts for my working car.

This is just a beginning of being a builder as a lover. This is just the first step knowing that the limitless allness of the universe reveals itself as an object or as multiple objects out of the allness, out of the isness.

This excites my mind, enraptures my heart, illumines my world with the possibilities that are all about me, the unlimited possibilities once I seemingly could only dream about—now a reality of the vibrations of my heart and soul ever leaping into thought and form. How great it is!

You and I are lovers, we are builders and we are limitless!

Now we engage on our journey of revelation our journey of eternity.

I ask myself what is next, what impossible dreams have I had and will I have that are at the threshold of my being waiting to gush forth as something in my life that are both mental and physical. I ask myself these questions because the allness touches my being with improbable thoughts and these thoughts are real as I visualize them and flow with them in my heart and soul.

What sort of magic am I heir to?

The physical truly is not too difficult.

How about levitation, teleportation, invisibility, manifestation?

How about creating a world of peace and harmony where all beings live in joyful balance with one another?

How about creating a race of people which unconditionally love one another all of the time?

How about seeing a world of harmonious challenges wherein all feel they have the wisdom, the genius, the imagination to solve all experiences?

How about a world filled with people who RECOGNIZE that they are the reflection of their neighbor and their neighbor is a reflection of them?

One who loves is a builder for eternity.

This is the kind of lover, the kind of builder, I am—YOU ARE!

I see each of us taking all of these possibilities, probabilities, and letting them be revealed right now every moment of our life.

I like to let my thoughts soar to levitation, teleportation, invisibility, manifestation and an infinite number more probabilities NOW!

—Dr Herbert L Beierle