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Spring 2013

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I am divine

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God's Pocket
An Active University In Campo Since 1975

I Know Who I Am

EJ Shares
A Stone, a gentle reminder!

Anita Lopp
A Pocket Full Of Money

Rev Chief C K Akwaligbe
On Being A Total Person

Christy Ugwuegbu
My Paradise Garden

Practitioner Letter
Reflecting On Healing


Anita Lopp - Spring 2013 Issue

A Pocket Full Of Money


It is Saturday morning.

I am on a mission.

I am running some errands at the East County Lumber Company and then I visit the Campo post office. Now I am just about heading into the parking lot of the Campo Church Clothing Shop. The pocket of my happy dress I am wearing is bulging with my one-dollar bill left over from my shopping. I know just the thing to do with that one-dollar bill. Back home in my room lays a big white, lazy skirt that waits eagerly to be transformed into a lively summer dress by me.

All I need is that something special that helps me make the transition. That is my mission.

Happily I step into the shop. It is quiet busy. The table in the middle of the shop is colorfully loaded with Easter rabbits in all sizes and shapes. I love rabbits. They catch my attention for a blissful moment then I refocus on my mission and venture forth. I search each shelf and every clothing hanger for that magical something that can turn my skirt into a beautiful dress.

At one point I almost bump into a lady who is busily refilling a shelf.

“Good morning. I am looking for something. I am sure you have some wonderful ideas. Here is my story.”

“Oh, I see,” the lady answers enthused. How cool is that. How about that? “

From this moment on the two of us search together. We come up with some funny ideas. It feels like two sparkplugs have been ignited and are now exchanging energy, sparkling with ideas. Gosh, we sure have fun sharing.

We look at all sorts of possibilities. We investigate the possibility of using yarn to crochet the top of the dress. We consider suspenders and on and on, yet nothing seems to be that one magical something, complementing the white skirt waiting at home.

Then, we spot a chiffon scarf! It is white with black dots sprinkled all over it.

“That could work! How much is it?”

“ It is one-dollar and 50 cents.”


“Well, I keep looking. I have one-dollar in my pocket and I intend to invest it wisely.”

I go for another round roaming the shelves for the perfect item, while another customer addresses my sparkly new friend.

Somehow my path leads me back to the spotted scarf.

Suddenly I feel a hand slipping into my dress pocket. With it appears a smiling face over my shoulder. “Here you go, I think you have two dollars in your pocket. Check it out.”

Puzzled, I look into my pocket and lo and behold it bulges with double abundance.

“Oh, you can’t put money in my pocket but you did!” This is where I stop and give my beaming friend a big wide smile while simply saying: “Thank you.”

She nods and whispers: “Now, take that scarf and enjoy wearing your new dress.”

I busily unknot that scarf from its hanger and head over to the cashier.

I pull out the two dollars from my pocket. I get my scarf and 50 cents change.

Where is my friend?

I spot her being busy serving a customer. I walk over to her, the money hidden in my fist. I stretch out my arm. “I have something for you. Thank you.” We wink at each other while the coin drops into her open hand.

Sparks of abundance are lighting the shop mixed with sparks of OUR unconditional sharing.

My pockets are always bulging with abundance and so is my heart when it meets unconditional sharing.

- Anita Lopp