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An Active University In Campo Since 1975

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God's Pocket - Spring 2013 Issue

An Active University
In Campo Since 1975


Dr Herbert L BeirleHerbert L Beierle,
UNI Dean

The art of self-healing is practiced all over the world in everyday life by every human being. People who experience illness in their lives have sought this healing art out. Many practitioners share their skill in teaching the awareness of self-healing under many names. Each philosophy attempts to provide a technique for self-healing. Some work and some do not work. At the University of Healing in Campo California a technique of self healing is taught that has found many adherents who when sincerely applying the program experience wholeness in spirit, mind and body.

Scientific, religious, metaphysical philosophers all pronounce: Man Know Yourself and It is done unto you according to your belief. The power of positive thinking functions amazingly well both for negative and for positive results. When we think we are sick, we enjoy sickness. When we think we are well—and live in the attitude of being well—we experience wholeness. Wholeness is our natural state of being. There are only millions of hospitals in the world for its Seven Billion People. It is obvious that the condition of most of the world is a state of wellness—not sickness.

What are the almost seven billion people on Earth doing to and for themselves which allows them to maintain wholeness instead of illness? These seven billion people are being themselves and having fun in whatever they do. These people have an attitude of liking and enjoying themselves.

The University of Healing is a correspondence school in Campo since 1975. It had its fledgling steps since 1948 across America. Students from all over the world matriculate in the UNI. Students take correspondence courses leading to three levels of degrees illustrating their competence as a practitioner of the art of self-healing. Everyone can only heal himself or herself. As they change their attitude about who and what they are they enjoy healing.

The UNI gives seminars worldwide in all major nations with tapes, disks and Internet talks and books available as seen on the UNI homepage: www.university-of-healing.edu. Visit the homepage and read the Syllabus for full details on the correspondence courses available.

The UNI also has the Worldwide Healing Ministry available to anyone by dialing 1.619.478.2450 for a message of healing and wholeness that can be applied instantly.

This is a tecific studies over the years.

—Dr Herbert L Beierle/p>