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Serendipity - Spring 2013 Issue

I Know Who I Am

Dr Herbert L Beirle


The truth is: I Know WHO I Am!

I wander through the pathways of life unaware of just who and what I am whenever I tell my self I do not know who I am. The truth is, I know who I am and I always know who and what I am. I cannot hide this from myself or from the world in which I live, for the world in which I live is reflection of what goes on inside of me. I am always conscious of my divine innerself, even when I pretend I am not conscious of my innerself.

Why do I play this game with myself? Why do I pretend I am human when I know categorically that I am divine—I am divine and I will always be divine regardless how often I protest that I am only human? This is a game I seem to love to play of being human in a divine universe. The game of being limited and NOT having a divine creator, which I am.

It is up to me to name and claim my reality. It is up to me to recognize just who and what I am and where I have come from and where I am going.

These are the eternal questions that boggled the minds of mankind through eternity. I put a stop to that right now and proclaim I am divine and I know it! I am my ideal self. I am the isness and the allness. I am the one in all and I am the all in the one, now and always. This is my reality, this is my eternity, this is what is and though I play the game saying that I am not it, I am it and am it forevermore.

What are the telltale indicators that reveal to me who and what I am?

The telltale indicators include the realization that my human can never understand the allness of the simple universe in which I physically live move and have my being. There is a purpose for my being—the purpose for my being is to be myself and have fun. What human attitude would allow me to have such boldness and exist, for as a human I know by experience I must struggle to live? It is so unique that the divine is unlimited and the human is limited and I seemingly want to spend my time in the human always struggling. My divine never struggles, my divine never wants for anything, my divine is always content with what it is experiencing at any one moment. There is not a feeling of incompetence or incompleteness; there is only the full realization that all is peace, harmony, balance, fulfillment and joy.

I could not write a fictional book more grand or wonderful than the divine script for my life.

All divine books tell this same story:

Each volume recommends of each of us that as we ask knowing that we could not ask for something if it did not already exist, it is given to us.

Each volume proclaims, seek and we shall find that which we seek has always been ours while we have pretended it is not here.

Each volume requires that we knock and it is fulfilled for us. Knocking is saying:

I Know That I Know That I Know; the divine in me is the answer, the fulfillment, and the vitality of all goodness in my life now.

This is why out of the total population of this globe, past, present and future, few there are who live the fulfilled life. There are two aspects to our being: the appearances and the nonappearances.

The appearances are those things that are the illusions in life. The illusions are transient without any stability, yet these are what we anchor our expectations upon because these are what seem to be real.

The nonappearances are those tantalizing images, which flood our thinking and make us ever seek more and seek higher in our choices for ourselves. These nonappearances are the “thoughts” that tell us we are unlimited, we are eternal, we are immortal, we are peace and goodness now. These nonappearances stream forth from the very heart of our being and proclaim again and again that they are the reality, they are the allness and they are the essence of our being.

We know that these nonappearance thoughts are the most fun, the most fulfilling, the most rewarding; the most exciting experiences we could ever anticipate and know are ours now.

When we are at our peak of physical mental and spiritual expression we are living from our divine being. When we as a creator, artist and charismatic genius we are in full stride we are living from our divine nature, we are expressing our divine nature; we are being our ideal self.

There are few who are doing this.

However, the few who are doing this are a proof to us that it can be done, it is being done and being done it is lots of fun.

The great artists do not express their creative nature in what might be called a fulfilled physical life; rather it is fulfilled in their divine nature. It does not mean that the artist is hungry or lacking in any way, it means the artist has different values proclaiming to him his success and his expression of genius. To the artist or genius in any form being themselves and having fun is REVEALING the genius that lay within them for themselves alone. An artist flowing forth from the divine within does not need to show his art for the art to fulfill itself. The talent is fulfilled as it flows out of the genius’ divine mind, soul and being.

Perhaps this is the reason that more beings do not appear as fulfilled genius, artists and creative souls. The answer: within themselves they have the vision, the illusion, the inner appearance, and in so doing they are indeed being themselves and having fun all of the time.

Looking at humanity aka divinity, more beings live their divine self and are having fun being themselves than we recognize.

We might just as well begin today; this moment—now—to live in the awareness of our divinity, guided by our inner self, in full satisfaction.

Truly a great idea!

—Dr Herbert L Beierle