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Spring 2013

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God's Pocket
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I Know Who I Am

EJ Shares
A Stone, a gentle reminder!

Anita Lopp
A Pocket Full Of Money

Rev Chief C K Akwaligbe
On Being A Total Person

Christy Ugwuegbu
My Paradise Garden

Practitioner Letter
Reflecting On Healing


Rev Chief C K Akwaligbe - Spring 2013 Issue

On Being A Total Person


As an ascended master I am perfection now. The Holy Bible affirms that I am created in the image and likeness of god-me. From where I am I look to my godself for direction. My spiritual entity lives within my physical shell. My spiritual entity is unseen.

I realize that my spiritual godself gives life and power to my physical body. That is where I look for the source of my beingness.

Why I Am On The Planet Earth

Upon the whole galaxy I choose the planet Earth for my studding me. I live in all but I don’t know where I am. People wonder where to find me. I am unseen in and everywhere that I have my creation. My purpose on the planet Earth is to identify myself for my beingness. I am here to enjoy myself and have fun. I am friendly with all life. I accept every good thing given to me. I live in absolute purity I always speak the truth. I am a beacon of life journey on the planet Earth how life is lived. As a messiah, a light and salt of the Earth, my body is a student of my spiritual entity, learning and adapting to its livingness. In my graduation I live forever.

In my immortality, I disguise in any form, formless: I am all forms.

On the planet Earth I fund myself serving in different fields successfully well. Employment seeks after me; I am always invited to take one job or the other. I am a Federal Republic of Nigerian statistician, a storekeeper of two large companies, DCC/KRC including community leadership. I am a farmer and fisherman. In each employment I come back to teaching I am, I wear a hat that fits all costumes. I am handsome, tall, humble, truthful and sincere. I am a peacemaker. I plant peace everywhere I work.

I realize that teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as I do.

The whole motion of my time is from the material toward to the spiritual. My only obligation in my lifetime is to be true to myself. I am an idea of my mind and a son of the Is. I am god, god I am. I am free to walk any path.

My divine godself reveals that teaching or sharing of wisdom is healing. That is why Jesus says my “my people are dying because of a lack of knowledge”.

That the mark of ignorance is the depth of one’s belief in injustice and tragedy.

To avoid this as an ascended master on being a total person I share my wisdom of love. On the planet Earth my godself reveals to me the abundance of all I need for a good living. I am god, the Creator of my world and I create all things beneficial to me.

I Claim My Purity

I know that I am god, as master, as pure being, my world can only return to me purity and goodness. As a master I love me. I like me. I respect me. I honor everything I do. I appreciate my beauty and importance. I create myself by lovingly being me. I am the Is, the most desirable, beautiful, loved and perfect being in the universe. I am the totality of the universe. I am the alpha and omega, in my consciousness the world exist. In my thinking there is form and consciousness so the world exists about me. I give life and substance to the world /universe, I am its life, and it exists because of me alone. I claim my purity by setting habit of positive thinking in motion. As a master all begins within me. Each thought of mine is an invocation of law and principle All thoughts I put in motion outpicture equivalent results in my life and in my world.

Daily going within in meditation I uplift my joy, consciousness, awareness, and thinking.

My divineself, my godself consciousness guides my thought. I speak from my indwelling beingness. I say what is revealed in me as truth. I live for myself. I satisfy myself. Others are my reflection; I give them lives for they are my creation. They are what I give them.

In all circumstances I condition myself in love. I am a soldier in the armor of love. I enter into the territory of anger, hatred and acrimony to pursue peace. As love I bring happiness to the offended, joy to the wounded, hope to the hopeless and recognition to the neglected.

Okpala-Uku Ogwu Emili gives a piece of land measuring 220 by 60 feet to me in 1966.

In 1990 somebody taking advantage of my absence in the locality sold a part of my land. In 1996 somebody attempts to sell the remaining part of my plot. I say to the man that the land is mine. I only smile and say my word of love and peace. I condition myself with love and surround the whole area in unconditional love. Today I have two houses there and a third one is in making; love is my magic word. It works.

My charisma of smiling makes people love me.

In 1962 of the Nigerian population census enumeration employment, people refused to work in Etua-Olieogo because they kill people. The census officer asks if I can go there. He describes it to be a village inside a thick forest. The next day I rode thirty miles from Igbuku to Utagba-Uno. I obtain a drawing showing the road to Etua Oliogo. On the following morning I am on my bicycle to my its unknown destination. I cross a stream on a lone log to other side. I continue riding until I come to a water logged area. I walk one and half miles. On reaching the end of the water, a man with gun asks me where I am going. I say, Etua Olie-Ogo.

With whom are you traveling? I smile and say, ask of my name first before you know with whom I am traveling. I have only a Catholic Rosary in my pocket. He is dumfounded. After putting on my footwear I say, you are one of those that kill people here. He becomes afraid and starts sweating. You are a disgrace to our community I told him. I know who and what he is and report him to the Etua Olie Ogo Community Elders.

He pleads forgiveness causing him to loose his balance. Is it the Catholic Rosary? No. It is because I condition my circumstance and myself in love and harmlessness. Love has no hindrance. Love penetrates into all conditions.

My Body Functions Perfectly

My body is the holy temple of the living god made without human hands. Being the temple of god, I have all the attributes of god me. My body is composed of air, water and substance. The physiological functions basically concern itself with my biology. My body is the outward expression of my mental attitude about me. My mind is a true ideal image of the perfect form-god me. As a master my body functions in a most effortless, marvelous and complete manner of expression, my body and elements are ideals.

The impression of spirit is revealed in my body.

Air is an important appearance in my world because air is a symbol of omnipresence. Air is everywhere. As a component of the air my body is everywhere my thought is. As a component of air I have freedom to be wherever I choose; or I am. As air is always its pure self, so is my body changeless. My body is guided in all its functions perfectly well, like air in its perfect work in its universal format. Air is life. I live my god life.

Water in me is a symbol of my all allknowingness. As a master, my body drinks the infinite omniscient wisdom of allknowingness. This water of wisdom washes away the ignorance that limits unspoken knowledge.

My substance is the evidence of my position in this elevated world of bringness. This substance outpictures my life-style achievement. My body speaks for itself. I see clearly, far and near, in every age. My sex organs function perfectly as I live in the world but not of it. All my digestive organs work in complete harmony. My brain guides me to the solution of my choices. My whole body functions perfectly. I breathe the air of omnipresence; I drink the water of omniscience in infinite knowledge. I exhibit the substance of form, though I am formless. In the conscious use of my omnipotence I am the purity of all.

I respond to my emotional desires in my body in the calm gentle man I am. I respect everything and express all from the metaphysical point of view. I eat when food is available. I go without hunger in absence of food. So are water and any other thing I may desire. I am a divine being. I live in my inner satisfaction. As I am writing this dissertation I receive a phone call inviting me for a traditional council meeting. As its secretary I spend the whole day there. Being a vegetarian I eat nothing. I live without food until the following day. What I feed upon ultimately reflects who and what I am.

I take loving care of my body with ideal foods, pure liquids and relaxation. I have an attitude of pure thought about my body. As an effected spiritual being I have no choice of food: I choose vegetable and fruits. The food I love is my idea of my reality. This is my spiritual food in life. I live in harmony and love with myself and I concentrate on my reality in life. I use all the existing power within me. I can live for days without food. As a human being I eat food to exist. I realize the words of Jesus the Christ when Satan tempted him. Jesus says that Man does not live by bread alone, but the word of god me. As an entity of the divine being, I have firm control of my physical being. I take responsibility for the food I eat. I bless the food I eat naming each one by one.

I say this food is healthy for my body and filled with love.

The blessed food I eat is in perfect harmony with my digestion assimilation, circulation and elimination. My blessing makes the food healthy eating.

The food I eat is without any quality in itself. I give it the quality through my positive word.

So is the game of food in my body. I play the game of protein, carbohydrate, fats, and vitamin with the food I eat. All food I eat is good and very good.

I am the creator of my world, life and circumstance. All takes life and power from me, the source of their beingness.

My real food is love.

Love is god in me.

For god is all there is. Love is the first commandment of god. Joy is my twin sister of my happy being.

This is the key to oneness. I eat joy and love for my living. I eat understanding, the road to wisdom.

Love, joy and understanding are my daily food of happiness. I eat them. I live them. I am them. I am in a meditative state every moment of life. I nourish myself from what I am and what I have. I am spirit, source of my nourishment. My source infinite abundance is without end. I give freely and receive freely.

I take proper care of my thought. I create with my thought. I eat ideal food for my physical, mental and spiritual beingness. In my physical world I eat pure fresh healthy food. In my mental world I take care of my thought by thinking positively and constructively. In my spiritual way I am aware of my divine nature. I eat only food that nourishes the infinite to the physical body.

As a divine being I am the master therein. In my oneness with all I am in through and as all.

One day the parents of a student in our school rained abuse on me: I am in charge of discipline in the school. These parents are not patient enough to know whether the complaint of their child has come from me. Strangely I don’t know the child in question. After the abuse, I said: “Thank you and god bless you.” I am untouched. I know my part. I manage my life from my divine point of view.

2012 is a year of my miraculous testimony. My neighbor with his family numbering twelve people took over my plot of land. I only say my word: I am peace—peace I am. I am love—love I am. I forget about them and their plan. The following week, they fought with another family in another street. Two weeks later, they had another land dispute with that neighbor which results in a court case. About three months later they denounced their claim to my plot of land. I manage my life from my divine within and outpicture happiness, love and good relationship—my food.

I now realize that my divine being works perfectly. In it my divine power is me, as me, through me. I count on my physical beingness as the container and carrier of my divine godself. I turn within for all my solutions in life. I realign myself with the purity of all and as a master I go where the allness dwells in its total relationship to all that is—within on my inner journey. As I walk apart from mankind the journey becomes easier. My divine viewpoint is to use the law of cause and effect to outpicture my results. As I think in my heart so I am. If I place peace, love and joy in motion I experience those things. I recognize myself as a spiritual creature founded upon a spiritual cause. All promulgated with definite purpose to achieve my heart desire. Whenever I am facing a great need I go within and eat my thoughts and outpicture solutions.

Jesus the Christ says that the kingdom of god is within me. Where my treasure is, there is my thought. Searching for all I desire I go within to the solution in my physical, emotional and mental life. I speak from my divine point of view of truth, which is always simple. I say all things from my reality domain, which is always positive. The law is always expressing. I am confident in myself. I know my self worth. I speak incontestable assurance in what I think for myself in the world. I live this state of awareness allowing my divine within control. I walk through life saying to my inner godself, I know that I know that I know all is in divine order now, for each uphold my belief because of my thought-food I eat. All in my world loves me. I am an ascended illumined master now.

I am always understood. I am an ascended illumined master now. I am always recognized as being in supreme control of my world and all that it includes, for I am master.

As master my true goal or aim is to be that which I am to my highest and greatest potential. I am a simple humble fearless being. I know the value of myself. My words are educative and healing to all who care to listen to them.

One day in the King’s Council of Elders meeting, a case of disrespect against the king was reported. Members build up a heavy fine for the accused. As oneness with all life, I said let us hear him before passing judgment. The man comes to explain himself. It becomes impossible to levy a fine on him. Members remark in strong terms: What Peter says.

He is innocent of the allegation. I stand on truth irrespective of status, wealth, appearance, religion, tribe, color and language. As an ascended and illumined master, I know everything. I am all and draw upon the allness to myself. I am a master always and work from the highest frame of reference. As a master I know that all is perfection, right action, peace, harmony, love, joy, truth and wholeness. In the crisis, which claimed one life, the community of Umusadege pleads with Peter for a peaceful move to end the impasse. I am always supported in everything I choose to do, for I am the master of my universe.

Everyone eagerly champions my cause and up holds my recognition of the pure cause behind my desire. I am always in the awareness that the world backs me in all that I do—and it does. I am always in control of my universe and universe responds with docility being easily led and managed by my direction. Since it is my world and I am creator, leader, master, it is tractable to my thought and control. It is totality obedient to my orders to it. My causes in motion outpicture exactly the master I am.

All beauty, harmony, love joy, abundance, wholeness and right action are mine to enjoy the instant I claim them.

On being a complete person I am always the master of my life, my world and any circumstance.

I take responsibility for any happening in my world. I created it. Nothing happens by chance. As the illumined ascended master I am all is by my choice. All power in heaven and on Earth has been given to me. I claim it. I live it. I am it right now. I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. I live a fulfilled life as a complete being with all desire met. ∞