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Spring 2013

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I Know Who I Am

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A Stone, a gentle reminder!

Anita Lopp
A Pocket Full Of Money

Rev Chief C K Akwaligbe
On Being A Total Person

Christy Ugwuegbu
My Paradise Garden

Practitioner Letter
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Christy Ugwuegbu - Spring 2013 Issue

My Paradise Garden



My Paradise Garden fulfills the cause and effect put into motion by my thoughts outpicturing in the outer what I am within. It reveals my spiritual path ascension experiences as fantastic unlimited abundance in my paradise.

For example, my thought creation in partnership with my innerself in My Paradise Garden of unconditional love is best described by experiencing such a thought creation relationship.

My paradise reveals my godself in the now how I am enjoying my original purity and integrity. I am god, god I am. As god, I express as bliss in paradise. My Paradise Garden outpictures how I reveal mentally, physically and spiritually my works of art from my imagination to reality in which I already exist. All already exists and I am swimming in the flamboyant vibration of harmony and unconditional love through my relationship with my innerself.

My Paradise Garden is my effect, the extent of cause I put in motion with my relationship with my innerself, my godself; hence, I say I am the only one in my world and this world is my paradise. These effects reflect my oneness with all, my kinship with all and My Paradise Garden is my kingdom, my land of milk and honey. It is the game of my spirit mind and body revealing experiences and circumstance in my world, in the now. My life is the outpicturing and smelling of the roses in the most magnificent way, being reality and myself best consistently with stability in my spiritual path.

My Spiritual Path

I am myself and I am having fun in my paradise within which glows as my spiritual path illumination. All exists from the beginning and all reveals from within. I am the creator of my world. I create by my thought.

For example, I choose to play in my paradise with affirmations of my reality. Such as I like me. I now like my wholeness self in oneness as all.

I walk my spiritual path alone from within and independently outpicture wonderful experiences. I create master resources on my spiritual path sharing this truth principle with instant fantastic effects.

Wisdom offered by Dr. Herbert L Beierle the founder and sharer of University of Healing truth principle, through media talks, seminars, courses and correspondence as my foundation of veracity helps me to honestly reflect and buttress my attitudes in partnership with my innerself to maintain my spiritual stability.

My Spiritual Path is My Paradise Garden of law of cause and effect governed with love.

For example, cause is the seed I sow with my thoughts. My godself as My Paradise Garden and my original purity and integrity are open and receptive to my positive thoughts. Thus they nurture my thoughts with consistency, selfdetermination selfdedication, selfdiligence, nonjudgmental, selfdiscipline, selfdedication, selfdiligent, untouched, nonpossession, unconditional love and truth principles.

The miraculous effects amongst breath taking experiences are best described by experiencing them.

My illumination shines forth from within revealing and outpicturing positive thoughts instantly in amazing, fantastic, abundant merry-go-round beautiful happy, joyous fulfilling experiences. I appreciate my godself game.

I see all in divine order. I control my thoughts speaking my words with onepointedness and so the power of the universe vibrates to reveal them.

For example, I give talks or see drama and hear music of my own by extracting their redeeming values. I listen to my inner teacher. I am open and receptive to divine guidance. At my work in the current magic of my hospital changes I observe all as one grand game playing with illusions. I let go and let god reveal all and guide me.

Challenging circumstances make me stronger and fortified, ready for my highest and best.

There is goodness in everything. Nothing happens by chance and I always look beyond appearance to my highest and best.

I have fun using truth principles and experiencing wonderful magnificent experiences.

For example, my illuminating reflective activities of truth principles from listening to Dr Herbert L Beierle, Dean of University of Healing media talks, UNI course work enfold me in positive vibrations. I am alive in an illuminating state of bliss as I adapt them to my daily life and work experiences.

On my spiritual path on my planet of unconditional love, I know pleasantness as my real self and that of my world of happy experiences.

When circumstance of worry and anxiety get my attention, I see them as illusions, limitations and my creation rather than blaming it on others. I immediately recreate my thought, affirm I am peace and all is in divine order. I am harmony; from this base of peace I establish peace, harmony and divine order in my life and on my spiritual path.

I surround my world and myself with my pure white of love and let go and let the divine in me be in charge, knowing it is so.

This gives me a feeling of happiness, contentment and fulfillment from the inner to the outer.

The master teacher Jesus the Christ said seek you first the kingdom of good within.

A truth principle says look within and all is revealed. I listen within and act from within.

My profession sometimes can be demanding on my principles. The solution is nonjudgmental, caring, follows doctors’ instruction dealing with patients who take the sick role, the game of being ill and needing doctors.

God is my ideal body. My whole and perfect game of my original purity and integrity is to see everyone whole and perfect.

For example, my personal godself game is I am god, god I am. As god, I listen within, with uplifting positive thoughts. No matter what I do my existence is a noble reality. I am whole and perfect and every organ action and function of my body is whole and perfect. Anything outside of this is an illusion, outside my life and world and not me.

I use my thought as my spiritual nourishment keeping me vital dynamic alive with pure energy. Keeping me happy. I live from divine within me to direct my life and my world. Hence my feeling of happiness reflects my experiences.

I nourish myself with truth principles at work outpicturing unlimited inner peace and harmony endlessly. Such vibrations create a positive world around me. I feel happy. My friendly attitude is my creative paradise. I am always there at the right time.

Thus I outpicture the best relationship with my innerself, my staff, and my patients and all in the organization, directly and indirectly, successfully and beneficially fulfilling my highest and best.

My Relationship With My Inner-Self

My innerself is god within me, my divineself. My godself is god thinking through me as me. That is why I can say I am god, god I am.

My relationship with my innerself is a harmonious intimate loving interaction with my innerself.

For example: my thought is the communication media with my innerself.

Christ the master teacher offers to me to go within in silence and the father within answers my desires.

My relationship with my innerself is to listen within and act from within.

For example, I listen to the sound of silence within me, using affirmation to focus my attention on I like me, distracting thoughts fade away, I listen to my innerself, my best friend. My best friend reveals the truth in unconditional love.

My relationship with my innerself is through the law of cause and effect. It positively moves on I like me, I love me, and my positive attitudes as my consistently positive thoughts. This is why I can say I like me, I love me; these work. As I love myself and appreciate myself, this reflects in people around me.

For example I enjoy my special intimate relationships with my innerself through meditation. Meditation is to think about anything so I am always in the state of meditation,

The Three Hours Meditation is the icing on a cake. Each time I complete my Three Hour Meditation, the effect and especially the experience within the third hour, is fantastic, indescribable, beyond words. I admire my inner positive love affair with my innerself shinning out my endless blissful experience of my paradise.

My Thoughts Are Me Being In Paradise
Knowing All Time Is Here And Now

I think my thought, which outpictures my feelings of a merry-go-round glorious beautiful paradise. This paradise awareness an expression of unconditional love is my reality here and now.

For example, my thoughts are my beingness in paradise expressing my master consciousness to its fullness knowing and confirming that all time is here and now, the only time there is. I direct my thought, my interaction with my divine as myself as Number One and positively to others in the nowness as my highest and best in word and deed.

Such a positive attitude from within outpictures my reality in my outer beautiful, magnificent and flamboyant paradise.

My Paradise Garden from my thought, my visualisation, my imagination onto the reality of being myself and having endless fun.

Such ascension affects my infinite abundance--my independent wealth. Successfully outpicturing in my body wholeness and perfection I am balanced whole and complete.

For example, regardless of any illusionary experiences or circumstances in my world, I have inner peace, harmony and happy feeling indwelling which are expressing in the outer with my smiles and positive vibration.

Sometimes my colleagues say to me, you are always smiling, you are too good. Someone has pressed your button I expected you to be angry and furious but you laugh about it, how do you do it? I live what I believe.

My Body Is My Paradise

My body is my vehicle of wholeness and perfection; anything outside is an illusion. I affirm and claim I am whole and perfect. This is why I can say I am whole and perfect and so it is.

For example, my body is the temple of the living god my paradise, revealing, fulfilling, expressing my thoughts beneficially. I know onepointed thoughts of my ideal body; I project in the theatre of my mind a living wholeness, a perfect body. Thinking wholeness, my body responds to the genius of my thoughts.

For instance, I mange a department located in two hospital buildings thus it involves walking often between the two sites. I claim it as meditative fun. Alert, awake and enthusiastic about me I move from location to location.

Whenever I feel a discomfort in my body I mentally call forth my wholeness. I immediately turn on my meditation for all of my prize choices and call forth my purity and integrity and my body shines it forth—my choice.

My body the temple of the living god is my divine paradise. That is why I can say I am god, god I am, and I live it; I experience my whole body.

For example, god as my body reflects my thought as my ideal body. My thought is the catalyst and the driver to express my reality and my body is the vehicle of action, the living temple of god. I am the creator through my thought and my body is the created perfectly.

The Stem Cells in my body respond to my thought, my consciousness, my awareness of my paradise and the beautiful expression of my ideal body.

My stem cells respond to wholeness and perfection at my command with affirmation and onepointedness. I let go and let it happen and so it is.

For example I affirm: Every organ, action and function of my body is in godlike order, divine right action now. Hence everything in my body is ideal, balanced, normality flows beneficial to my body in every way. I tell people I am 25 and my body exists in response to this vital dynamic alive pure energy.

My solidarity is my mentally as I physically and spiritually treat my body with love affirmations. My conscious, mental and physical self accepts the message massage of I like me. My body response is a blissful experience that keeps every organ action function of my body whole and perfect. Hence my body reveals this outward expression of the stability of my mind, spirit and body paradise.

Stability In My Paradise:

My Body, Mind And Spirit Are My World

My one ideal spirit mind and body is a stable paradise from inner to the outer.

Hence, I am unlimited mentally physically and spiritually by my thoughts of art from my imagination to my reality, all already exist.

For example: after I shut my eyes in the world around me physically, mentally and spiritually, I am blessed as I see all clearer in My Paradise Garden.

I maintain the stability of my paradise with an affirmation: I live in my ideal spirit mind and body.

Knowingly I confirm that the miracle tonic in my body, mind and spirit knows that stability is my divine right. My thoughts, words and actions, which are the cause and effect of unlimited fulfilment, enfolding magnificent paradise reveal my reality now and always.

I see my body mind spirit world always pure and perfect beneficially successfully, joyfully in my paradise.

My World Is My Paradise Kingdom Of Unconditional Love

I am wonderful and my vibration of peace and harmony guides my paradise kingdom of unconditional love.

Whatever I am reflects paradise from my indwelling inner peace and harmony. This surpasses human understanding, the cause and effect, enfolded by love under all circumstances.

As a man thinks in his heart so is his world.

I am the only one in my world.

My world is my reflection of my thought.

The genius in me reveals and directs me as the ambassador of unconditional love, the reality of who I am.

My radiant light of unconditional love shines from within enfolding my world. During my departmental inspection experience some members of my staff displayed illusionary behaviours. I turned on my unconditional love beyond attitude or appearance to a positive reflective reminder to my staff with my “Family and friend test” question: Would we want family or friends to receive such vibratory treatment in our department? It always makes positively difference.

I am master practitioner for myself, in-charge of my world. As I make my bed so I lie in it. As I create my paradise I enjoy it. I concentrate on positive thoughts and solutions. The result is worthwhile, wonderfully, successfully beneficially. Fulfilling acts rule my world.

In my paradise kingdom of unconditional love I affirm all is in divine order and let go and let it happen. I use same affirmation when challenging circumstances or experiences are brought to my attention so I get my bloated nothingness out of my divine circuits and listen to my inner teacher for answers.

I take time to practice liking myself. I affirm, I sing—I like me, I like me, I like me, I like me, I like me, I like me, I like me.

I like me turns me into the effect of honouring and cherishing myself with unconditional Love.

Blissful heavenly laughter of happiness, peace and harmony shines from within me.

I listen and act from within knowing that my thoughts and words are the revealing power of the universe from within me vibrating to manifest them. Any outside experiences are illusions over which I have control and give no power to them. I affirm all is in divine order and I let go. Minding my own business, respecting the law, smelling the roses, by knowing all is in divine order.

I am the radiant light of love and I am fully awakened to my divine self, prosperous wealthy within and without. Enjoying my godself practicing truth principle as the way the light and the truth. I think right, I speak right, I act right, and I am fulfilled. For example, my creative imagination, visualisation and claiming my reality abides with me in my paradise kingdom of unconditionally love.


In the Book of Genesis, god created everything from the beginning as good and very good. Hence—I say I am my original purity and integrity.

Living my original purity and integrity is my reality.

For example, I focus my attention to my utmost divine reality and everything else is fulfilled to my highest and best. This game of my godself the temple of the living god is what makes me tick. I concentrate on my unlimited inner godself game with consistency, onepointedness and stability, which are paramount on my spiritual path and it works.

For example, I think my thought, speak my word, remain onepointed, the power of the universe vibrates to reveal and manifest every desire of my heart, every dream I could ever dream, all that I am.

My spiritual journey in the now is a creative, positive, in my thought, my imagination, dreaming my wildest dream, desire and my visualisation and revealing my divineself—seeing it done.

My Paradise Garden is the results of the law of cause and effect, of I like me consciousness, being myself and having fun, spiritually, mentally and physically. With wholeness and perfection fit for the purpose enjoying my original purity and integrity. My meditation creates my unlimited paradise of unconditional love, everything and everyone around me reflects to my consciousness and positive vibrations.

My word, thought and meditation create my unlimited My Paradise Garden of unconditional love as the creator, the created.

My godself illuminating, unlimited fulfilling games radiate from my inner paradise kingdom garden of unconditional love experiences. I build my thought paradise the beneficiary players: my body, mind and spirit practice and outpicturing the law of cause and effect in the now in the most successful, revealing, fulfilling, beneficial, unlimited and infinite abundance here and now. Hence I need nothing, I want nothing, I have everything and I am independently wealthy and I am fulfilled.

This is why I say I am fantastic and My Paradise Garden is my reflection. I am divine.