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Reflecting On Healing


Practitioner Letter - Spring 2013 Issue

Thinking Together

Dr Herbert L Beirle


When listening to the CD required listening recording on HEALING, it is a promise to my inner desire for spiritual healing and wholeness. It talks about healing as a very natural and simple occurrence in one’s life. It is not the first time that I listen to it, but each time I ask myself why, when it is so simple do I at times find it rather demanding to accept my healing as complete and done. In paying attention to several statements from the CD I start questioning my inner to better understand myself in the aspect of healing.

To Heal Is To Return To My Original Purity And Integrity

This is a statement that makes my heart smile with a truth it recognizes so easily. How can I know that it is true? Because there is this inner knowingness, my allknowingness, that knows exactly who and what I am. I call it my divine self and whenever I read or hear something that is harmonious with my reality, it feels so totally right and good from within myself. Usually they are simple and unsophisticated statements that bring about this innocent and spontaneous “this feels right” reaction from deep within.

Real spiritual healing, replaces the old memory chip of limitation in my brain computer. I have amnesia to everything that has gone before.

This is why it makes sense to me that the CD states:

Healing Begins In The Mind

Limitation and illness are ideas of my human mind. They must be thought in order to be claimed as an experience. Once they are in my world they stay in my world as long as I give them attention by thinking about. It can be very subtle, just pondering why certain experiences have come into my life is thinking about them, even while wishing to put a new cause into motion. Any way I think about them gives them power to remain in my life. These thoughts are powerful. I know they create illusions that come and go and change according to what I am thinking about. At times they seem so real that it is easy to forget that they have nothing to do with what is everlasting and true within myself.

The only way to change these experiences is putting my mental attention, with determination, on health and abundance.

In a way it is more than my mental attention, because as I turn within to what I call my spiritual center, my awareness is caught by something much grander than attitude. Wholeness and purity is in that place, my mental attitude is merely the door opener to release the limiting thoughts that clog the divine circuit.

I recall how one day as I sat down for introspection I had a strong hurt in my arm. Still, I was able to concentrate on my inner feeling of lightness and wholeness and soon I was deeply immersed in light and infinite peacefulness. As I came back from my inner journey, the hurt in my arm was gone, and naturally I did not notice it. I only recognized it later in the day I remembered that I used to have a hurt and that now I did not have it any more. But with remembering, the hurt came back—because healing truly begins in the mind. REMEMBER NO MORE!

The awareness of light and a deep inner love are experiences of the NOW! There is no past!

Another statement of the CD that captures my attention:

Love Helps Us To Release The Nonbeneficial Notions
That Are In Our Consciousness

This is the most important recognition I gained when meditating about returning to my original purity and integrity and why it would work easily and smoothly—or why not. Truly, the concept of returning seems so easy because I return to something that is familiar to me and my heart remembers my natural state of wholeness very clearly. Otherwise I would not be able to feel the desire and the inner nudging telling me to go for it, to hang in there, to be persistent, to claim it, to put the cause into motion, right now!

But, in order for my mind to accept the concept of being whole and perfect, I need to accept myself as a person first. The act of accepting wholeness happens through my individual consciousness only. Therefore I like myself without reservation, love my whole beingness in this physical and mental disguise—unconditionally.

As I reach deep into my inner feeling of oneness and connectedness in my meditation time I sense the joy and lightness of unconditional love flowing through my whole being. All is peace, all is good and all is love. I am one and I have no conscious and especially no emotional relationship to my physical world. My mental work really starts when I look out at my world which I created and am conscious of what it is.

My reality is: I look at my world with the nonjudgmental attitude of god, knowing that all is good and very good. I look at my world without possession and thereby accept the free flow of divine right action in everything. I look at my world untouched as I see beyond any appearance. I like me and I like my creation and all tension goes—comes peace and wholeness—and it is done!

Wow, am I glad I listened to this CD again—reflecting on it I understand once again how simple the concept and application of “healing” really is.

—Sylvia M Enz