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All Is In Divine Order - Spring 2014 Issue

I see the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Anita Lopp


I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I live with my sister Rita in her home in Ebmatingen, Switzerland.

From our lovely home we can reach the center of our small village by walking through a tunnel underneath the main road. That tunnel gets us to our Mum’s home, the bus station and the shops etc. We walk through it at least four times a day and our two puppies mostly accompany us.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

For a long time, the tunnel was a favorite meeting place for the local youth. Their happy sharing times left behind quite a mess. I reckon the cold and uncomfortable set up of the tunnel isn’t very inspiring to keep it tidy.

Quite often there was broken glass lying on the ground amongst the other rubbish. The whole situation was quite a talking point in the village and caused many unhappy words and feelings.

My sister Rita walks the dogs through the tunnel one early evening. She greets the young guys gathered there in their friendly and open way. She starts a happy banter and in the course of it she asks the guys, ”Do you have a dog at home?”

“Yes we do,” they answer happily.

“You see, me and these two puppies walk through this tunnel a lot. We live close by, right over there actually. The glass on the ground is a bit of a worry.”

Silence fills the tunnel.

A humble and strong statement breaks the silence, “There won’t be anymore glass on the ground from now on,” says one of the guys.

“Thank you, have a lovely evening.”

From that day on the tunnel is clear of glass.

Rita shines her light of love and respect into the tunnel and that light shines back from the end of the tunnel. The cool thing is that in the mean time the local youth have found a warm and comfortable place to meet.

It isn’t the light at the end of the tunnel awaiting me.

It is I, shining my light into the tunnel and fills it with love and respect as my sister does so naturally.

Thank you Rita.

- Anita Lopp