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All Is In Divine Order - GIST - 2016 Issue

Being In The Flow Is Divine Order

Anita Lopp


IIn the "human" world we want proof. We want to know what divine order is and the bigger and more impressive the proof is, the better. In the divine world, in the 'I am world'; divine order is a natural flow. It is being it.

I would like to share here, one of my divine order adventures.

It is Saturday and what a beauty it is. The autumn sun is out enhancing all the beautiful colors autumn offers to our open eyes.

My first task today is doing the weekly shopping. I can walk to our shop in the village. It is great fun. Usually I meet people I know and get to exchange a few loving words.

I return home with all my goodies and store them away contently.

Now I am ready for my Saturday adventure. I prepare a sandwich, pack my favorite chocolate popcorn, an apple and store it all in the basket on the back of our fun mini-bicycle.

I swing my camera around my shoulder and get on the way to a small market in a village about 20minutes away.

This is a lovely ride. The road I am on is luckily mostly flat still I am slightly puffed when I arrive at the wee market. I park my bike wright next to the big wooden apple press, which is proudly exhibited at the market. I am ready for a good time. UUUPS! I almost bump into someone…….smile, it is my boss from the apple-orchard. "Oh, morning Boss."

Christian giggles;" Good morning Anita". He is busy getting the apple press going. Soon there will be yummy, freshly pressed apple juice. I am a bit thirsty myself. I think I forgot to pack a drink.

I start my tour of the market. I don't get far when somebody addresses me from behind. I turn around. My boss Christian stands right in front of me, a big smile on his face and a glass with fresh apple juice in his outstretched hand. "Here you go Anita, have a drink."

I accept gratefully. "Oh, how wonderful, thank you."

I stroll happily through the wee market while I am zipping on my refreshing drink, enjoying divine order.

After having thoroughly enjoyed my marked adventure, I jump on the bike to ride downhill towards Maur by the Greifensee. My path takes me through a beautiful forest. I keep stopping shooting magical photos of my surrounding. In Maur I stop for a visit in a real cool shop, where they sell nomadic shoes, lamps etc. I get to talk to the owner lady. She is lovely. And guess what: she offers me the most tasty cup of tea. I simply love a cup of tea.

I ride on blissfully to my pick nick destination: the Greifensee.

My legs are dangling over the water, which is sparkling in the midday sun. I sit comfortably on a pier, reaching into the lake. My pick nick is spread out next to me. I enjoy the marvelous view over the Greifensee. While heartily biting in to my sandwich, I think: " Life is wonderful, all is in divine order."

- Anita Lopp