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Serendipity - Spring 2014 Issue

Deceiving Appearances

Dr Herbert L Beirle


Apearances are deceiving! Appearances are only what we want them to be. We create appearances from illusions, information from others and our unstable thought creation.

What are we really looking for in life? Are we looking for the divine in all things or the relative appearances that are all about us, that are not our ideal causative thoughts? From our complaints about what we SEE in our world, it appears we are not happy with all that we objectively see—and even sometimes—subjectively observe!

Whether we like it or not, we are the ones who create every appearance. We are the ones who bring forth in our objective world all of the subjective thought objects we imagined and call them real, call them that which makes up our life. How can we be so effectively deluded by appearances when we know these appearances change from moment to moment, unstable under ALL circumstances, under ALL appearances?

Notwithstanding the fore drawn conclusions, it is time for me—at least—to set forth new thinking, set forth new appearances borne out of what I know the world to be, what I know reality is and what I know I am as a divine being. I do not have to remain in the illusion of unstable thinking, I can see the world from a new point of view that all is in divine order.

Now, as I conclude that all is in divine order, I realize that whatever is the highest and best in my consciousness, whatever is the highest and best in the universe for my enjoyment—this is what I call forth out of the allness. It is from the allness that I function.

The building block of my world is the allness. The allness is viewed as the positive and negative, the so-called good and bad.

I realize that in allness there is neither positive and negative or good and bad. All just IS! It is the human, relative world in which I state there are good and bad issues, positive or negative observations. Why do I say these things when I know it is not true?

One of the greatest illusions in my life is feeling sorry for myself for the experiences I have, regardless that I am the one who put the cause in motion for the appearance I am enjoying. I have been taught to believe that something outside of myself has caused the unhappy and nonbeneficial experience I am having. This feeling sorry for myself is a never ending illusion which repeats itself again and again in my life so ultimately I BELIEVE it is not my fault!

These are deceiving appearances, which seem so real while all the time they are an unstable illusion.

The only effective action I can take is to talk to myself, affirm my reality, claim my choice of who and what I am, saying ‘I like me,’ knowing that whatever I call myself, that is the changing illusion the makes up my life. BUT I am in charge of these changing illusion, these changing appearances, and create out of the allness, the is, the program that says to me ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER. All is in divine order now as I make this affirmation of truth about myself. If I say all is out of order, so it is for me. The infinite causative self reflects the is, the all, and I am that right now. This is all that I will experience as I make this claim about myself.

It is up to me to decide that I live in the ALLNESS or the ISNESS enjoying my highest and best as I perceive it and am it now. It is a choice I make every moment of my life and I make it confidently now and forever more.

—Dr Herbert L Beierle