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EJ Shares - Spring 2014 Issue




Consistency ~ stability, reliability
Persistency ~ enduring continuance

To live in this 21st century is a most exciting adventure. It is mainly due to the amazing progress in technology that offers me the use a computer for many delightful purposes. What only a few years ago was a “far-out” idea today is a natural enjoyment. What would the world be without a computer such as in hospitals, schools, in the business world, not to mention the Internet with its outstanding communicative system around the entire world?

This progress in technology became a reality in the relative world by consistent thought application.

In this connection I think of Steve Job who ascended from a college dropout to a most revered creative entrepreneur. Regardless of anyone’s denial, Steve stood up for his innate ideas that today we enjoy in the exquisite Apple computers, the iPhone, iPod, iPad and all their applications.

A most reverent example of consistency—persistency for me is President Nelson Mandela. During his 27 years of imprisonment under the most inhuman treatments, he did not allow hopelessness, futility, hate or disgust ruin his life. His peace of mind while connecting with his inner self lifted his consciousness to unconditional love and a knowingness: I Can Do It. His divine awareness brought him out of prison a free spirit.

Many such outstanding beings of integrity erect in my consciousness a symbol of inner strength representing truth: No challenge is an unmanageable hurdle.

My affirmation: All is in divine order keepsmy thoughtsimmersedon my target, on that what already exists in its completeness as an unchangeable IS.

My reality is wholeness and perfection—my original purity and integrity.

However, the media unwisely encourages human wisdom to fight illnesses, political disharmonies, any physical challenges forgetting that any fight, battle or, struggle can only be controlled by concentrating on my heartfelt goal. It is obvious that the best fight is NO-fight only giving power to my original purity and integrity. My consistent thought revealing the holiness of my consciousness, is accepting my spiritual reality for the solution in using my magical wand to any dream.

I am whole and perfect; I live in my ideal spirit, mind and body; and I am ideal in every way enjoying my happy, healthy, super life. I am divine and I enjoy my true nature by my focusing on thoughts of light, love, and eternal life.

Consistency is the technique, the only way to any achievement.

- Dr Ellen Jermini