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God's Pocket - Spring 2014 Issue

A Happy Mind Lives
In A Healthy Body


Dr Herbert L BeirleDr Herbert L Beierle

All it takes to have a healthy body is to have a happy mind. We can all have a happy mind by training ourselves to think happy thoughts about everything, regardless of what another may label it, we name it happy and for us it is happy – then so is our body.

The mind can or it cannot be controlled by life, appearances and experiences, according to where or in what our attention lays. This is not something to do with objectivity rather subjectivity.

Most of our lives we have chosen to be held in bondage to the outer obvious self, the outer objective conditions of the world as our thoughts have made them seem plausible and reasonable, justifiable and the only logical conclusion. These concepts have been the grounds upon which we have made our conclusions for who and what we are in our living experience.

Now is the time to take a new look at who we really are, what our purpose in being here is all about and whether truth will guide our lives or whether the changing illusions will be the foundation upon which we live the subjectivity that is our reality.

We do not defend who we are, what we are, what our purpose for being is – we claim our subjectivity, our reality, our divinity.

The way we claim our reality is by turning off the outer world and listening to the inner world of our divinity. This inner world of divinity is beyond comparison in the relative life and world. This inner divinity is at all times knowledgably aware to us. The outer sensitive being will say that there is no divine being whom we are, it will say to us that we are relative, physical, objective and this is who we are and the only direction we should be going. So long as we listen to this outer self or world seeking to control our inner reality we will live in mass confusion. As we turn our attention within to our inner divinity we will find ourselves guided and directed to a state of bliss which we can know and do experience often in our thinking and living.

So long as we search for an outer sharer, teacher, guide, we will lose our way. Once we train ourselves to sit quietly and listen to the message of inner bliss we will enjoy a happy mind living in a healthy physical form eternally. The time for this experience is now and for you.

—Dr Herbert L Beierle