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Mori Armstrong


I Understand Who I Am

I am one, the universal. I am the grand creator of my world. I am master of my thoughts. I am master of my body. I am master of my world. I am master of my universe. I am master of all.

It is with great pleasure that I present my thesis with confidence that my life is fashioned on the philosophy that I am god, god I am. I enjoy the knowledge that I receive from the teachings of the University of Healing. My journey on my spiritual path is an experience thrill to. As master of my thought, all that I think is divinely inspired. I understand who I am. I understand my purpose of life. I now express the best version of my I am consciousness. Living in the awareness of this I am consciousness I know divine order is established in every experiences of my life and in every thought that I think.

As god I create my world with each thought I think, with faith, great confidence in myself, as fulfilling, peaceful, harmonious, loving and joyful. As god I provide my every need. I greet every day with, joy, enthusiasm and high expectancy of abundant good in every area of my life. Each day is a new day. I face it in the realization that the rewarding power of my I am consciousness is always at work in me and in all that concerns me. I physically, mentally and spiritually awaken to the, I am consciousness, the presence of power and life within me. A power that is so mighty that I live everyday in obedience to my inner nature.

My thoughts are directed from my innermost being. My actions are the demonstrations of the mighty power that is revealed from within. This presence of power and life within me is what I outpicture in my life and in my affairs. I express the fullness of abundance in every area of my life. Living in this consciousness, my spiritual journey is being travelled in a divinely ordered way, where I live a life of forgiveness, for all is pure, a perfect expression of the divinity radiating from within my, I am consciousness. I fully understand who I am. I am master of my thoughts, I am god, god I am.

I Am Master of My Body

I am god, god I am. I am master of my body. I am alert to the thoughts I think, the words I speak and the actions I demonstrate, as I live a life of gratitude. Every night as I place my head on my pillow, I speak words of life and perfection to my body temple. Every morning as I become conscious that I am awake, I tell my body, I expect perfection and wholeness from it. I say thank you for being obedient to the spoken words of truth that I am demonstrating physically.

In the morning I open my eyes and say thank you eyes for your vision, I see only truth, perfection and purity. I swing my legs off the bed, wiggle my toes and say thank you for your function, you tread the path of righteousness and safety today and always. Then I allow my thoughts to flow. My body is pure, perfect and whole. I see myself as a perfect creation of my thoughts.

Living in this consciousness of perfection and wholeness, has brought satisfaction and purity to my life experience, when I face the fact of the diagnosis from my primary care physician, and did not finch or allow her words to be anything other than words I use to affirm, I am master of my body this is an illusion. My body is pure, perfect and whole. I am strong in my conviction, and express my perfect self right now. All is well and in divine order.

When I visited the Primary Care Physician for my check up she was surprised, she did more than one test and she did not comprehend why she did not find what she was expecting, but I know I am demonstrating the truth of the understanding of who I am. I am master of my body. Every cell, every tissue, every organ of my body knows, its' perfect work and does it. My body expressed the radiance of health and wholeness right there and then. I know I am my own creator. The words I speak to my body, the thoughts I think of my body express the truth of my beingness in an instant, right here and now. I understand who I am. I am god, god I am. I am pure, perfect and wonderfully made, so all is perfection for the doctor to see. How wonderful that is. Hoorah! Hoorah!

I Am Master of My World

During my studies of the under graduate course, I was preparing to have my children join me in the United States of America. With the teachings I am receiving from the University of Healing, I refuse to listen to the contrary advice I was receiving from friends and family. I keep my thoughts focus that I am master of my world and I affirm divine order in all matters concerning the process. With this belief and understanding that I am master of my world, divine order was established in and through every step I take. As master of my world, I create the world I wanted. I visualized my expectations. I acknowledge that divine order was active, so I released and let go and allowed my god nature to work through me.

There was no need for a co-sponsor, for I am financially able. There was no need for a lawyer, for I am intellectually able. I completed all the necessary documents, submitted them and received the stamp of approval from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for my three children and my one granddaughter. All through the process I keep my thoughts centered on the truth that I am master of my world, all is in divine order. I vision everything working smoothly, in time and on time. The interview date came early, but I understand that it was the right time.

I took my three children and one grand-daughter into the embassy in Guyana, along with an addition to the family, my beautiful second grand-daughter, wonderfully made, who was not included physically on the documentation but I visualize her in my expectations being processed with the other four and receiving her visa. I acknowledge divine order active in the situation. I was given the approval to add her at that final moment. Her documents were processed right there during the interview. The virtue of patience and love was established in the clerks doing the interview at that moment. I paid for her visa and she was processed along with the others. I understand as I vision her travelling at the same time with the others, my expectancy must manifest according to the law of cause and effect. I put the cause in motion and the effect was perfect and it did. My three children and two grand children received the approval for their visas and all five visas were collected two working days after the interview. Today I have my children and grand children living with me in the United States of America. Divine order is still at work, all the children have wonderful jobs, we are all living in a single family home with five bedrooms and I am paying only one thirds of what I should normally be paying a month rent, but I understand and know it is divinely adjusted and regulated. I believe and understand that divine order is established in my life and all the affairs of my world. As master of my world nothing or no one can speak otherwise. My thoughts transform my world to suit my cause by the visualization of my expectation.

The philosophy of the University of Healing as stated in the book, Song of the Spirit page 104 says, "We visualize that upon which we think. We are designed to be creators, for we are god. God creates everything perfectly and instantly. So acting as we are in our god nature, all of the time we are constantly creating by our visualization and expectation." My expectations are fulfilled completely in unlimited measures. Living this philosophy helps me to understand, and to know I am master of my world, I am the creator of my world. Living, thinking, speaking and acting, my god nature all the time, I am constantly creating by my visualization and expectation. This allowed me to feel free and at ease.

I had no thought of what next, when the company I was working with for, for over eight years went out of business. I vision everything in my world working in divine order. I am god, god I am. "I am super divine" I accepted this statement when my Proctor in her comment address me as "My Super Divine Lady" ha, ha, how wonderful.

I Am Master of My Universe

I am my own creator. I live in the consciousness that I am god, god I am. I am master of my universe. I am connected with the order of the universe. Through my god power, my life is in divine order. Whatever is the appearance, I understand divine order is bringing about the right solution. I am living my life as master of my universe.

I am expressing the inexhaustible source of divine energy that establishes and maintains divine order in and around everything and everyone that enters my space. As god I am indeed in charge of my thoughts. Every situation unfolds in harmony and order. Consciously being aware of who I am at all times I direct my every thought, all my feelings, my every word and my actions to outpicture the divinity of my beingness. All is in divine order for I live in my universe of divine order. I stay in the flow of divine order every day and in every experience.

Living in the consciousness of divine order my zeal and zest for living is guided and directed by the wisdom of my own indwelling Christ. My every action is in harmony with the order of the universe that I create. As the things I call illusions try to lift their heads around me and in my thoughts I stay in complete control, as I affirm divine order is established right here and now, my thoughts are pure. I remain calm and relaxed for hurry and force have no place in my life of divine order. If I am at home, if I am travelling, or if I am attending a social function, I stay in the remembrance that I am master of my universe, I am creator of my universe, this way I connect and feel a oneness with my creations and they respond accordingly. I am living in harmony with the activity of life in and through all my creations. I live in the flow of divine order for it is my choice and I am master of my universe / god's universe. Peace flows over my soul, order prevails in everything that concerns me. Before I enter a room, a train, a bus or even a home I know all is calm and at peace, for my universe is divinely ordered, and I can meet with only what I create.

I adjust and create the atmosphere to my liking and all my creation responds accordingly for I am master of my universe. My universe is peaceful, loving, marvelous, harmonious, abundantly blessed, pure and perfect. My universe, responds according to my visualization and expectations.

I Am Master of All

In this conscious awareness that I am master of all, I take complete control of who I really am. I am god, god I am I am master of all. I live my life fully conscious that I am a power house. I accomplish and live this reality as I acknowledge my greatness within. Staying and living in the attitude that I am master of all allows me to master every situation in my life. I see everyone and everything coming into my life for a divine purpose. All their actions are divinely ordered. Regardless to what may happen, at any moment, I am always in complete control. Knowing this and living in the consciousness that I am in complete control, allows me to take control at all times, that is why I always keep my conversation at a level where everyone can benefit spiritually. I create a cause that we are creators of our world by the words we speak, the thoughts we think, and the actions we take. As we think so are we and the words we speak is what we outpicture in our lives and the affairs of our lives. Since like attract like we entertain what we want to experience in life. Beneficial thoughts have place in my mind. I live the power house that I was created to be from the beginning.

I express the reality of who I am. I stay calm, peaceful and serene. All who cross my path, all who I speak with, I see them all with like mind because like attracts like. I allow the power from within to work the laws of the universe, and know that all is in a peaceful state. As master of all, I live a loving, peaceful, harmonious life. All creation around me lives in this vibration of peace and harmony.

As master of all, I live a life of abundance with enough to spare and to share. I receive everything at the right time, as I keep my thoughts centered in the idea of abundance, sufficiency and well being. Divine order is expressed and demonstrates perfectly at all times in my life and the affairs of my life. If for some reason an illusion shows up in my life I create positive encouragement, I walk and turn to nature to admire how life is expressed in countless ways. In fall I admire the beauty of the leaves and I smile as I enjoy the beauty and peace. When all the leaves are on the ground they look so inviting and encouraging that the fantasy and excitement in me to lie in it becomes alive. I would laugh out loud to stop myself from actually doing it. The faith of hope remains alive as I remember through it all, spring is around the corner. I vision all the green buds sprouting out on all the seeming dried up sticks in the form of a tree, and in a few weeks every tree become alive with leaves and blossoms. I am and remain part of that same richness created to give love and enjoy life's abundance. I stay in the peaceful state knowing I am master of all.

As master of all, I see my body temple perfect and whole expressing this wholeness from head to toes, alive, alert and enthusiastic. As master of all I attract and live a life of perfection and purity at all time. As master of all, I view everything as a master, from the power house within my beingness. I am completely and totally in control.

I Am Super Divine!

Living in the consciousness that I am super divine, allows me to live a life where I sing praises of thanks always. I live a life not having to say I forgive you, for I know I create the world I live in, and I create a perfect, peaceful, harmonious, loving, marvelous, complete joy filled world and I express these qualities every moment of every day. I understand as creator of my world, everything in my life, the thoughts I think, the words I speak, are all my creation and all is divinely ordered.

I begin my days on a note of praise and thanksgiving, for the wonder of life, for the breath I breathe for the creations in my life, for loveliness of life, in the understanding that all of life's mysteries and myriad blessings are manifestations of my creation. I take inventory of my life. The list of good goes on and on and on, my reasons for giving thanks are endless as I stay in the consciousness that I am super divine.

I say thank you, to my I am consciousness, to my god self, for eyes to see my blessings, for ears, to hear my blessings, for a mind and heart to experience life and love to its fullest.

I say thank you to the University of Healing, for the lessons that lift my consciousness to where it should be to understand that I am god, god I am, that I can understand more fully the divine inheritance that is mine. I am a super divine lady. My proctor told me so and so it is, it cannot be otherwise. I live in the consciousness that I am truly a spiritual being, living in a spiritual universe, governed by spiritual law.

I know with a deep inner knowing that I am endowed with divine qualities with which I meet and control all situations. I think calmly, I speak clearly and I act wisely. I am confident and composed. I think positively and look for creative solutions to every challenge and my love inspires the highest response from me at all times. My thoughts are, I am god, god I am, now I can truly say:

I understand who I am, I am master of my thoughts, I am master of my body, I am master of my world, I am master of my universe, I am master of all, I am super divine.

I live every day of my life from this level of consciousness. My every thought, my every word, all my actions says I am Super Divine. Every area of my life is demonstrated and expresses as divine love and I see with a clear inner vision that everything concerning me unfolds smoothly and in divine order. I am confident of accomplishing and staying in the consciousness that I AM SUPER DIVINE.